Working Together

Online Tutoring Services

Habits of Work

  • Learn and practice habits of work, organization, and excellent studentship.
  • Identify specific blocks to academic success and create an action plan.
  • Relief for perfectionism, anxiety around projects and exams, and anxiety related procrastination.

Tools of Regulation

  • Learn tools for general mind-body regulation
  • Identify specific triggers and create a plan to use in those crisis moments.
  • Explore different learning styles and modify study tools to align with strengths.

Academic Enrichment

  • Guidance and support for writing, projects, and homework.
  • Support for students who report being bored at school, but may have poor grades.
  • Advanced research skills and portfolio building for high school students with interest in creating highly competitive college applications.

Online Classes and Groups

World Language
Opportunities for K-12

Grades 6-12
Student and Study Skills

Grades 8-12
Advanced Seminars

Art & Yoga

Online Art Yoga
Ages 11-16

Knit & Crochet Circle
Ages 12-18

Book & Writing Groups
Ages 11-18

In-Person Classes, Workshops, and Groups

Where to Buy

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Come and find me at craft sales, community events, and shops that feature the work of Vermont artists.