Moon Cycle Coaching

moon cycleMaverick Moon is about learning fertility awareness methods for the purpose of:

  • Improving menstrual health and relief from irregular and painful cycles
  • Learning the energy and wisdom of your unique individual moon cycle
  • Natural method of contraception without any synthetic hormones or side effects
  • Creating optimum fertility and knowing when you are most likely to conceive

Why “maverick”?  Well, in today’s world, a woman who knows her own body and ways to prevent or encourage a conception is an act of rebellion.  Maverick Moon is about learning how to harness our intuitive wisdom and learn about the gentle signs our bodies give us to let us know our true feelings and desires, our quality of joy and whether or not we are living authentically.  We can wish that this type of knowledge wasn’t being denied to women or we can take definitive action and learn about our own body so we can choose with confidence regarding our reproductive health.

While the birth control pill and other hormonal methods of birth control are the best choice for many women for personal and health reasons,  I believe that it is our responsibility and right to understand all our options and make the choices that best reflect our needs and the needs of our partners, the reality is that these methods come with very dangerous side effects.

Stress and reproductive health challenges are intimately linked.

If you have the sense that your reproductive health issues are related to chronic stress in your life, then you may find that starting with my group program for releasing mental, emotional and physical clutter is the best place to start.  You will learn a lot about my philosophy and style in this group program.  Or, if you wish to work on an individual basis with a private consultation and practices designed just for you, then a package of private sessions might be the perfect place for you to begin.

Menstruation and Fertility
Mentruation and Fertility
I have found over the years that most women have very little understanding of their own unique menstrual cycle even if they have a great deal of intellectual or scientific information about menstruation or the physical body. In order to open to fertility, which is a state of creative grace available to all women of all ages, we need to learn about our energetic rhythms and physical cycles. I work with women of all ages and all over the world both privately and in workshops and classes providing techniques for nourishing our menstrual cycles and reproductive health through diet, movement, meditation, aromatherapy and learning how to create an optimum state of fertility for welcoming a pregnancy or whatever it is that we wish to manifest in the world.

Reproductive and Sexual Health
Reproductive Health
In both workshops and private sessions, I teach women and their partners how to use fertility awareness and other natural methods to prevent pregnancy. I sell Caya Diaphragms, an all natural contraceptive jelly called Contragel Green and an organic, water-based lubricant so that my clients have access to this non-hormonal method of birth control which can be used on its own or on fertile days while using fertility awareness. I teach yoga, meditation and relaxation breathing exercises to women to support mind-body connection and decrease anxiety and chronic stress. For many women, feeling more comfortable in their body and being able to relax increase their relationship and sensual satisfaction.

Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum
Pregnancy & Postpartum
I offer a mindful approach to pregnancy and childbirth education and support and work with women and their partners privately and in groups. I am not currently taking birth doula clients as a primary doula, but I highly recommend Ola Obasi or Shining Light Doulas.

Organic and Natural Contraceptives

I offer my clients a non-hormonal and immediately reversible form of barrier contraceptive that does not require a prescription and is FDA approved.

Reproductive and Sexual Health