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Pregnancy Coach

Whether you live in Pennsylvania, California or Beijing, we can work together!  My coaching sessions help you work through your options for prenatal testing, pregnancy exercise, childbirth education, birth options, keeping you as comfortable and happy as possible and preparing for baby’s arrival.  Feeling anxious, alone or just need a mindful friend to help you make some decisions? Call me for your free phone consultation and we can set up some coaching sessions that will be perfect for you!  I work with expectant women and their birth and/or parenting partners and families.

Mindful Childbirth Preparation and Infant Care Education

I love to work with expectant women and their birth partners and families on a mindful, compassionate and intelligent approach to preparing for birth and caring for a newborn.  My emphasis on intuition, inner strength, relieving fear and feeling confident and prepared have already helped thousands of women and their birth partners enter into their birthing time with great joy and reduced apprehension.  We can work in person here in Pittsburgh at Mookshi Wellness Center or using SKYPE wherever you are.

Birth and Postpartum Doula

I am honored that you might consider inviting me to support you during your labor, delivery and postpartum period.  I provide yoga-based physical, emotional and spiritual support to expectant women and their birth partners/support team and families during pregnancy, into and through labor and birth and beyond.  You don’t have to be a yogi to appreciate my calming presence at your birth, but I use movement, humor, breathing and touch to help you enjoy your birthing and make the decisions that are best for you and your family.

I feel that my personality and style help me work best with expectant women who have some experience (no matter how limited) with yoga and meditation and who are using midwives for their prenatal care or who are working with an obstetrician who is not only open to the idea of a doula being present, but encourages the presence of a doula.  If your doctor or care provider isn’t sure what a doula is, that’s not a bad sign!  I’m happy to attend a prenatal visit with you and we can talk with your doctor together.

I design my doula packages for birth and postpartum period individually to meet your unique needs.  Please call me for a FREE consultation meeting and I will give you copies of my contract, fees and package information. The sooner you reserve my services the better!  I book up fast and also need to arrange for appropriate backup doula care.

Two Lines!  Now WHAT?


Whether this is a pregnancy that has been longed for and planned or a complete shocker, when you find yourself looking at two lines it’s a little unbelievable.  It’s so unbelievable that many women find themselves doubting the results and heading to the drugstore to buy lots of different brands and then testing at all times and wondering when the line gets less dark if that means something bad or if maybe they aren’t pregnant at all.

All of a sudden, you think that maybe you are in over your head.  What do you do next?  Did that margarita you have last night damage your baby’s brain?  How are you going to tell your boyfriend?  Who do you need to tell?  How do you get the pregnancy confirmed?  Can you still go to your spinning class tonight?  And, maybe you are already thinking about terminating the pregnancy………

Now is the best time to call me for your free early pregnancy consultation!  It’s FREE, just 20-minutes and I promise that you are going to feel A LOT better just after this one short conversation!  You aren’t alone and you don’t have to tell anyone you know and then manage all the consequences of that……you can tell me.  Everything you tell me is completely confidential and I am open to coaching single women, women with wives, women with girlfriends or boyfriends or with husbands or some combination of girlfriends and wives and husbands and baby daddies.  No judgement here.

I want to be here for YOU to help navigate early pregnancy when it is likely that you do not have all the support you need just yet.  

  • Early pregnancy diet, nutrition and exercise

  • How to obtain prenatal care

  • Way to confirm the pregnancy diagnosis

  • Methods for dealing with early pregnancy exhaustion, nausea, breathing problems, back pain

  • Who to tell about your pregnancy and when

  • If you have concerns about how your partner or special friend is going to react to the news, we can brainstorm ways to tell them that will help you feel confident and safe

  • Talk through early pregnancy testing so you can make informed decisions about the testing you want and how to interpret the results

  • Managing miscarriage and early pregnancy loss and finding ways to be comfortable in your grief and sadness

Call ANYTIME (412) 855-5692


Hippie PregnantDuring Pregnancy

Whew!  You made it past early pregnancy, but now you find that you have a whole new set of decisions to make.  Maybe your sister, mother in law, mom, dad or other relatives are starting to ask questions—-can they attend your birth?  It could be that the doctor or midwife you chose for your prenatal care in early pregnancy doesn’t feel “quite right” anymore?  Heartburn? Trouble sleeping?  Anxious and worried about your baby, labor, birth or what’s going to happen afterwards?  Up all night searching the internet for your symptoms only to find terrifying stories of scary births and loss?  Do you want a water birth and your husband or wife wishes you wouldn’t?  Are you curious about what a doula is and how to find and hire the right one for you?

Instead of searching the internet and subjecting yourself to doom and gloom, why not call a real human being who can help support you in making decisions and negotiating your communication with family and friends in ways that will help you get what you really need and avoid all the tension you could truly do without?

Call me!  (412) 855-5692   Your first call is a FREE 20-minute consultation.
You have nothing to lose.  I guarantee that you are going to feel better even after just 20-minutes.  Really.

imagesPreparing for Birth

At some point in your pregnancy, you will spiritually, mentally and even physically shift from a focus on a healthy pregnancy to an awareness of the fact that you are moving towards birth.  As this happens, you will naturally find yourself thinking more and more about birth: what do contractions feel like?  How do you know when you are in labor?  What does a mucus plug look like?  Who should be present at your birth?  Do you need a crib and when should you put it together?  What kind of diapers should I use and how many do I need?  I didn’t think I wanted an epidural, but now I’m not so sure.  I know I want an epidural, but now I’m worried about what I’ll do if I can’t have one or it takes a while or doesn’t work?  I feel totally unprepared to be a mom!

When this shift happens, I can support you in clearly working through your greatest fears, teaching you some wonderful tools (tried and true!) for pain management and relaxation and help support your spiritual, mental and physical shift from “pregnant woman” to “mother”.

HiResDoula Services

I offer birth doula services to expectant women and their partners and families in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I am especially compatible with women who are familiar with yoga and would like to use some yoga-based techniques for pain management during their labor.  What I like to do is meet with interested families for about an hour and listen to your birth vision, explain what I do as a birth doula and provide you with a copy of my contract and fee schedule.  Hiring a doula is a very personal decision and I look forward to meeting you and learning about your birth vision and how I can support you in labor and delivery.

I also offer postpartum doula services to women in the East End neighborhoods of the City of Pittsburgh.  Postpartum doula services can include breastfeeding support, doing laundry and light housekeeping, cooking meals, taking care of errands including grocery shopping, and caring for newborns so that new parents and families can rest and recover from pregnancy and birth.  I am also able to teach mothers and family members infant massage and calming techniques.  After mom is cleared for exercise by her care provider, I’m happy to provide personalized postpartum yoga, abdominal recovery and mom and baby yoga.  Although I am delighted to take last minute calls, it is best to reserve my postpartum services in advance so you can be sure I will be there for you.  Call me at any point in your pregnancy and we can meet together and discuss how I can support you after you give birth or adopt a baby.

I have packages for doula services or we can design a unique set of services that meet your needs exactly.  Please call and let’s chat soon (412) 855-5692.




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