Life with Baby

No matter where you are in the world, I provide nourishing support for postpartum mothers.  I am based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and provide some location based services.  Use this form to pay for all postpartum support services with a credit card.  You can also use this form if you would like to make a gift for postpartum support to someone else.


You probably spent a lot of time considering your birth, thinking about options, choosing a birth place and creating a “birth vision” or birth plan that you may have even documented with your hospital or care provider. This is important.  But, it is equally important to recognize that you should spend an equal (arguably, greater) amount of time thinking about a post-partum plan for your family.  I work with birth mom and her partner to create a post-partum plan that is realistic and will help everyone with the transition from pregnancy to life with baby.  We meet for about two-hours using SKYPE or FaceTime and then I will e-mail you a plan document within one week of our meeting.  The cost for these sessions is $130.


Sometimes, what you really need is an on-call expert who you can text or email at any time for help with all the questions that come up when you have a new baby.  I provide unlimited text support using WhatsApp for new moms all over the world and e-mail support when you have more complex questions.  You can send me pictures or ask questions 24-7 and I will answer within 12-hours (this is the longest wait).  Anything that can’t be answered in a text or email, you can schedule a reduced rate SKYPE or FaceTime consult so we can talk out the issue together.

Unlimited means the following:

I will provide answers and coaching for new mothers through text or email up to 10 unique questions/issues per day for the length of service contract.  In most cases, I will respond within the hour.  The maximum wait time for a response is 12-hours.  If your question or concern requires coaching that is beyond what I can adequately respond by text, then I will suggest that we schedule a SKYPE or FaceTime consult.  In all cases, I will refer medical concerns to your doctor, midwife, and/or pediatrician.  I am NOT a doctor and provide information and support only.  Sign-up anytime and start texting today!

My preference is to offer on-class services to moms that I have had a chance to meet and talk with either during pregnancy or prior to setting up on-call services.  Therefore, I offer a packages that include one SKYPE or FaceTime session so we can get to know one another.  These aren’t required, but it makes a big difference.

On-Call Service Packages

One private session (up to one hour) and one month of on-call doula services: $135

Three-months of on-call doula services:  $225

Six-months of on-call doula services: $485

Add to Your Package

15-20 minute SKYPE/FaceTime consult for current clients: $40

Add on an additional month to any of the above packages: $65


  1. Cassandra Porter says

    How much is your prenatal yoga classes? Where are they located. Thank you so much for your time.

  2. Sharon says

    Hello Cassandra. I currently offer private sessions, will be releasing an e-book and audio guided practice in the next 2-weeks and regularly offer special events and classes for pregnancy. If you are interested, please book your FREE phone consultation with me through my website. This way I can find out more about you and either recommend some of my services and packages or make the best referral possible to other local services in Pittsburgh.

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