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Sharon Fennimore, MA     冯 雪 莲

 Sharon is a native speaker of English and has many years of experience teaching English to native speakers of Chinese (both children and adults) and speaks colloquial Mandarin Chinese.  Having learned French as a research language, Sharon has taught hundreds of public school students in  kindergarten through sixth grades at Waitsfield and Warren Elementary Schools beginner French language.   Sharon has also taught beginner through year five Mandarin Chinese for middle and high school students at Mt. Mansfield Academy in Stowe, VT.  Sharon has two related Masters Degrees including a graduate degree in Chinese and East Asian Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and a graduate degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh.  Sharon has lived, studied and worked in China and Taiwan and traveled extensively in Central, East, and South Asia.

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PHONE: 412-855-5692
Texts and iMessages welcome in simplified Chinese characters or English.


Rose (18th Century) painting in high resolution by Zhang Ruoai. Original from The Cleveland Museum of Art. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

Global Inter-Cultural Management Consultations


  • Accent help and English as a Foreign Language assistance
  • Editing and writing assistance for dissertations, applications, seminar papers, conference submissions
  • Assistance with presentations and public speaking skills
  • Cultural skills for socializing, engaging in group discussions, group projects and business and social communication
  • Lifestyle and stress management skills

Please call for a FREE consultation or send an email describing your situation.  Distance services using FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Google HangOut are available for long distance clients all over the world. I will travel for consultation throughout the United States for academic institutions that wish to provide support services for Chinese students on campus, businesses that require inter-cultural management services, and to Asia to provide consultation for students or professionals prior to coming to the United States.

I help Chinese students and professionals with:

  • Writing and editing
  • Projects, presentations, and interview preparation
  • Cover letters, grant applications, resume/CV
  • English accent and communication skills
  • Social and cultural concerns and questions
  • Stress management

Climbing Blue Flowers (18th Century) painting in high resolution by Zhang Ruoai. Original from The Cleveland Museum of Art. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.


  • 指导专业英文写作
  • 准备求职面谈资料
  • 整理口头报告文案
  • 纠正英语口说发音
  • 增进英语沟通技巧
  • 完成申请入学文件
  • 了解美国社会文化
  • 压力纾解心理谘询

每个星期二上午十点半到两点半,在奥克兰的卡内基图书馆ㄧ楼,靠近Manga/Graphic Novels。

身为一名外语老师,我提供专业英文写作指导。英文是我的母语,同时我也精通中文。每个星期二上午十点半到两点半,我会在奥克兰的卡内基图书馆ㄧ楼。如果您找不到我,可以传讯息给我,我的手机号码是412-855-5692。或者您可以预约面谈,我的邮件信箱是e-mail: 免费谘询!作业辅导以每小时三十五元收费,每次至少一小时。