Lady Business

Sometimes, you just need a woman to talk with……….

I am not a doctor or a therapist or medically trained in the least.  I am a yoga instructor, birth and postpartum doula, and have worked with people around issues of fertility, pregnancy, birth, and all the spaces in-between for over 25-years. If you need someone to talk to about some lady business, set up a consult with me today! 


Is your business lady business?  Here are some examples of things people talk to me about:

Your birth plan: What is a birth plan?  Why should you write one?  What happens if you and your partner disagree?  Do you really have to write one?  You thought you and your partner agreed, but you just had a giant argument in the midwife’s parking lot because, uhmm, it turns out you don’t agree at all.

I’m pregnant, now what?: You and (your partner )* are (overjoyed, shocked, disappointed, in denial……..) but you are feeling pretty tired and your first prenatal appointment isn’t for another month or two.  It feels surreal and you have a lot of mixed feelings.  I am someone you can speak honestly with about your feelings, fears, and ideas during the earliest parts of pregnancy when you may or may not want your friends and family to know quite yet.  *As if it wasn’t obvious, a partner is not required!

I’m not a woman and I’m pregnant.:  If you are pregnant, but not a woman, then you have come to the right place.  I warmly welcome all pregnant people to contact me for a consultation.  I have been honored to serve pregnant trans-men as a  doula and prenatal yoga instructor and, while my experience is admittedly limited, I am happy to provide distance pregnancy and postpartum doula support for all pregnant people.

Difficult stuff you want to keep private: Miscarriages, fertility challenges, anger, that thing that happened at work, deciding on career moves, relationship changes, writer’s block while working on dissertation or thesis, something about your body that bothers you, a dream you have for your life, the disappointment that you can’t shake…….a lot of the time, what we are REALLY struggling with is that we know what we want to do, but we don’t like some aspect of what we have to give up or lose to do it.  I listen for your voice and then validate what is true for you.  We are not friends or family and no matter what you do or what has happened or will happen to you, it’s not likely to impact me directly.  So, I have the luxury of being honest.  If you are stuck in some lady business, give me a call.

Questions you don’t trust to the internet and you aren’t sure how to ask your friends.:  We’ve all done it.  We have Googled our symptoms, checked out that book from the library, looked at that diagram a hundred times, but still we wonder………what’s a “regular” period?  Want to try using tampons but you aren’t sure how?  Deciding between a couple different kinds of birth control but can’t make up your mind?  Still buying maternity clothes a year after you had a baby? (I can tell you right now…been there, done THAT!)

I am exhausted and completely stressed out: You have been to the doctor, have a counselor and a psychiatrist too……..and everyone tells you that your stress/headaches/body aches/exhaustion are a part of your anxiety/stress/overwhelm/in your mind…….which is a place no one can locate, but is, apparently, where all your problems originate!  And, all these well meaning professionals make suggestions like:

  1. Do yoga!
  2. Meditate!
  3. Take a few deep breaths and try to relax!
  4. Get to bed earlier!
  5. Have you tried yoga?

Lady, you are in luck.  Schedule a consultation with me because unlike all these well meaning professionals (who likely have never meditated in their entire lives) I can teach you very specific and easy to learn techniques for relaxation and to get through a period of complete overwhelm.  No, I can’t do anything about the fact that your teenage daughter hates you and keeps stealing your car keys.  Your dog is lost, you have a huge Zoom presentation at noon, and the daycare just called because your twins have hand foot mouth disease and you need to pick them up like five minutes ago…, can’t do anything about THAT hot mess either.  But, there really are some useful coping techniques for times when problems can’t be solved, but it appears you are going to live through them, so you’d like to come out on the other side of whatever is going on with as much of your wits about you as you can.  You don’t need any special clothes or equipment.  What I can teach you can be done while standing on the Subway platform waiting for a “G” train (It could be a LONG time…….), while sitting in the parking lot, while lying on the floor hoping it opens up and swallows you whole (it won’t, but it doesn’t cost anything to  hope……), or while you hide in the attic looking at Reader’s Digest and eating the remains of the kiddo’s Halloween candy to avoid your kids finding you and asking, “What’s for dinner?” because all you can think of are Reese’s cups and, oops…you just ate the last one.