Insight, Clarity and Joy


[headline_border]Birth Vision and Planning[/headline_border]

I work with pregnant people and their primary birth and postpartum support person to release anxiety around the unknowns of labor and birth, create a vision for labor, and make nourishing plans for the end of pregnancy and life with a newborn.

[headline_border]Pregnancy Support[/headline_border]

I work with pregnant people to provide emotional, spiritual, and practical advice during all weeks of pregnancy. I’m like a best friend with waaaay more experience than your best friend. Without judgment, I am delighted to provide you with reliable information, listen to your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and support you in this tremendous time of transformation.

[headline_border]Unlimited E-Mail Support[/headline_border]

Email support is the opportunity to send me an email with any questions, concerns, updates or issues you are having.  I generally require all clients to have had at least one private pregnancy support session before follow-up with email support, but sometimes email support is all you need.  It’s up to you!  I will respond to all email messages within 24-hours during your support period.


One Month   $40
Four-Months $160
Eight-Months $300
Twelve-Months $450
*Just make a note when you make payment of the email support package you are paying for.