Dynamic Childbirth

Dynamic Childbirth™
Facilitated by Sharon Fennimore,
MA, E-RYT, RPYT, YACEP and DONA trained Birth Doula


Waterbury, VT at ZenBarn
June 24, 2018 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
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Experiential Childbirth Preparation

A unique, yoga-based approach to preparing for childbirth mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for pregnant people and their birth partners.  In this experiential workshop, we will explore practical techniques for labor, birth and beyond including movement, positions for labor, sounding and breathing, communication, relaxation, and partner touch techniques.  Absolutely no experience with yoga or meditation is required or assumed and these techniques are helpful regardless of the type of birth you are planning to have.  Even if you are planning a scheduled cesarean birth, learning how to communicate with your partner and medical professionals, breathe and connect with your baby during birth, and care for yourself during and after your birth is invaluable.  This workshop is perfect for pregnant people at any stage of pregnancy.  Ideally, you will participate with your primary birth support person, but you can bring anyone to wish to be your partner during this workshop.  There will be time for discussion and getting answers to any questions that you might have about things you might be concerned about like how you know if you are really in labor and, if you are planning to get an epidural, what the ideal timing might be.

We will learn:

  • The four parts of every contraction and how to work with the energy of each part
  • Sounding techniques to stay relaxed and open during labor and birth
  • Breathing techniques for labor including how to slow the breath down when feeling out of breath
  • Different types of touch for relaxation, pain management, and concentration
  • Positions for labor and birth that create maximum space and physical comfort
  • How to communicate with a person in labor
  • What to do if your birth is not going as “planned” or expected
  • A mindful approach to newborn care
  • Self-care for the end of pregnancy and post-partum period
  • Techniques for working with fear of labor and delivery

Research suggests that “moving with awareness benefits both you and your unborn baby (Chopra 2005: 31).” Dynamic Childbirth™ provides pregnant people and their birth partners active and effective tools for partnering in pregnancy and childbirth. The main principle of this method is that birth is spontaneous and birthing pairs should be too! While it is a wonderful idea to do research, to be informed, to ask mindful questions of your care provider, to carefully choose a prenatal care provider who understands your wishes regarding the type of birth you would ideally like to have, it is also important to remember that it is impossible to know exactly how your birthing will unfold. Therefore, the skills you learn in Dynamic Childbirth™ will help you enjoy your birthing in the moment. Regardless of whether or not it is in line with your plans, hopes and dreams, you will be confident that you worked together to bring this baby out with peace, kindness and a profound love. This relationship is built through yoga practice during pregnancy and provides the foundation for a mindful relationship with your child throughout their whole life. In Dynamic Childbirth™ courses, we focus on what you do have control over during your labor and delivery.  This is an empowering workshop that will give you confidence and help you and your birth partner communicate and support one another through the experience.


This is one of the best workshops I’ve attended; the information was invaluable and I enjoyed the weekend, along with the other women, very much. Thank you!


Loved the anatomy section, it was so helpful. Sharon, your way of bringing the teachings of yoga to this application was so articulate and ultimately inspiring!


You appeared well-prepared and organized, and established a high level of discourse. Your agenda was beautifully thought out, and you did a good job sticking to it. It was delicious being among so many interesting and intelligent women. Bravo to you!