Things are not as they appear to be, nor are they otherwise.

Working in the Great Tradition of Artist-Healers

Here is some information on what is happening behind this screen of a landing page: 

What is Bio-Fieldwork?

The biofield is the word that medical professionals are now using to describe energy that a person has that is an important part of their health and well-being.  When we do bio-fieldwork, I guide you through relaxation and visualization into this field where we work together.  It is a co-creative process.  While this “field” does not have a geographic place in the body’s anatomical landscape, it is a place that we can travel to together where very powerful healing can happen.  The process is relaxing and brings great peace.  

Is this yoga?

Yoga is, by definition, the cessation of movement of the mind-stuff.  So, yes, in a way, doing biofieldwork is a kind of yoga.  In order to get to the biofield, we need to be completely relaxed.  Sometimes, you will get so relaxed that you fall asleep.  That’s good!  The work can continue even when you fall asleep.  That’s how powerful it is!  

What kind of artist are you?

I am a scholar, writer, and teacher. I work with students of all ages and abilities in traditional and non-traditional academic settings.  I provide services online and in-person.  Creativity is a part of how I maintain acces to the biofield in myself and others.  I stay in a creative space through working with clay, fiber, and paper.  I write and have a deep love of languages.  

Where exactly IS this “biofield”?

The biofield is everywhere and nowhere.  In graduate school, a professor of mine explained that they believed the word “qi” should not be translated in English as “energy” but, instead, to “potential”.  Where is potential?  When we go to the biofield, I am facilitating a journey for us to your potential.  It is already with you.  You ARE potential.  I am just a facilitator, travel guide, and co-regulator.  

Is this religious?

This work is not a part of any religion, but I have designed the practice based on my continued study of the Heart Sutra.  The Heart Sutra is an important Buddhist text.  I can work with clients of all religions and there is nothing about this work that requires you to do anything, think anything, or believe anything in particular.  If it is OK with you, I sometimes like to chant healing mantras or syllables.  If that is not something you feel comfortable with, then I won’t sing to you like that.  If your religion allows you to relax, then there will be no conflict with this service.