Essential Oils

dandelion illustrated twoIn my own personal work around creativity and health, I have discovered the power of senses in nourishing my capacity for joy.  Living a sensual life of feeling, touching, moving, smelling, tasting and being in alignment with environment is a beautiful thing indeed.  While we desire this, we generally settle for distractions and the more we ignore our desire for a sensual and rich life, the more numb we get.

Using essential oils creates a focal point for awareness and mindfulness.  The scent that we choose to work with can help nourish our intention and creates an environment that is dense with high quality sensory stimuli.  While the smoke of incense can iritate some individuals, as well as there being several studies now that suggest that smoke from incense can be more toxic to respiratory system cells than cigarette smoke, it is possible to receive the benefits of aromatherapy using essential oils without these potential risks to children, pets or ourselves.

During insight sessions, I regularly suggest a certain essential oil to be used in combination with restorative yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and visualization to YL Independent Logoenhance the benefits of those exercises.  I do sell these oils for the convenience of my clients, but I also offer the opportunity to sign-up as a member of Young Living to obtain a 24% discount on essential oils and the ability to order online day or night.  As a member, you do NOT have to sell the products.  I repeat, you are under no obligation to sell oils or any products at all.  All you need to do to get the 24% discount is become a member once and maintain that membership by purchasing at least $50 of products each year.

I have been using essential oils myself and with my clients now for almost twenty-years.  I know as a “sensitive person” how important it is to avoid mystery ingredients and feel strongly that because these oils are being used in conjunction with mindfulness exercises that it is of great importance for them to be pure and fresh.  This is precisely why I use Young Living oils in my practice and they are the ones that I recommend.  Young Living’s Seed to Seal® process ensures that you get the highest quality product possible.

You can check out my blog for more information about how I suggest that my clients safely use oils to improve their quality of life and deepen their mindfulness practices.  If you want to talk to me about what kind of aromatherapy would best enhance your practices, I suggest signing up for an insight session.  I’d be happy to design a unique program of aromatherapy just for you.  If you already use oils or know what you want, then you can’t go wrong signing up here for a 24% discount.



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