I am a historian of traditional and ancient art and architecture of East and Central Asia with a specialty in Buddhist cave art and Daoist and Buddhist temples in Northern China along the northern silk route.  I am also a ceramic artist making mostly wheel-thrown functional stoneware pottery, but have recently started to explore pinch pots inspired by Paulus Berensohn’s work and book, Finding One’s Way with Clay.  I enjoy practicing awareness in nature through the lens of photography and enjoy taking pictures outdoors.  


Most of my professional writing work has been as a grant writer and development professional for non-profit organizations.  I have twenty-years of experience managing government grants for museums and cultural organizations, acting as Director of Development, working in external affairs, and responding to request for proposals for social service and engineering and architecture firms for major State funded bridge, highway, and public transportation programs.  I have also maintained this website’s blog for over ten-years writing about resources, spiritual matters, yoga and meditation practices, my life and experiences, and much more.  One of my ongoing projects is called Pilgrimage Pittsburgh and it has expanded to explore the image of the deity in our daily lives here in America.  I was inspired by a book by Diana Eck on Darsan in India and felt that we have come to believe that, in India, there are images of Gods/Goddesses and dieties everywhere, but it is also true here in America.  There is a definite presence of Mother Mary that is obvious once I opened my eyes to it, but there are many other sacred sculptures and images placed outdoors and available for us to make note of and reflect on.  

Language, Culture, and Communication

As a writer,  antrhopologist and being fluent in conversational Mandarin Chinese,  I am uniquely positioned to provide support and guidance on written assignments, communication, presentations, interviews, and cultural adjustment issues and concerns that Chinese students and professionals face here in the United States.  I have the language and cultural skills, having lived in both China and the United States, to offer compassionate and empathetic advice and understanding for cultural adjustment concerns.  I apply breathing techniques and mindfulness to help my language and culture clients to remain calm in the face of the significant issues that can arise living, studying, and working in the United States.  My clients receive the highest quality writing, communication, and presentation guidance while also having their personal concerns addressed with sensitivity and understanding.