Modern Menstrual Education 101

Modern Menstrual Education 101
February 28, 2016
1:00 to 3:30

Open to adults (defined as 18 years of age or older), men and women, who are interested in learning more about menstruation.  Workshop is experiencial and will include movement, discussion, plenty of time for questions and lecture.  Yoga instructors will receive a certificate as evidence of participation and valid for 3 CEU credits towards maintaining Yoga Alliance registrations.

Are you a man who was lead out of the health classroom with all the other boys by a male gym teacher while the girls stayed behind to talk about their periods?  Does your partner, wife, sister, mother or running partner say things to you about their periods that you nod your head to when all the while you have NO IDEA what they mean?  Are you a male yoga instructor that would like to feel more comfortable guiding menstruating women towards an energetically nourishing yoga practice during their moon cycles, but you aren’t even sure what is OK or not?  Can a woman get pregnant while she has her period?  Is it dangerous to have sex with a woman who has her period? How can you avoid premenstrual arguments with your girlfriend or wife that seem to happen like clockwork around her period?

Are you a woman who has no idea when she ovulates or if she ovulates at all?  Do you have cramps or mood changes or appetite shifts around your menstrual cycle that are bothersome and you don’t know how to be comfortable or take care of yourself?  Would you like to learn more about the energetic implications of your menstrual cycle and how to take advantage of parts of your cycle that enhance pleasure, creativity and inner quiet and calm?  Do you have no idea when you are going to get your period and just wander around with pads or tampons in your purse wondering when it is going to “show up”?  Do you wish you could ask for space or ask for deeper intimacy sometimes and don’t know how to communicate with your partner or friends around your cycle?  Do you know when you are most likely to conceive a baby and why?

Honestly, what you don’t know about your period is A LOT.  Both men and women need to understand the very real physical and energetic cycles around what women experience so that we can honor and enhance the presence of shakti in our lives.  Regardless of your age or sexual orientation, you live in a world of both men and women—we live together, work together and play together.  Menstruation is a part of women’s lives in a very physical way and they have to learn skills to manage the flow of menstrual fluids in a way that men do not have to learn, but energetically, men are implicated in almost every part of women’s cycles and should not remain ignorant to this incredibly powerful creative cycle.

Everyone is welcome and I ask that you come prepared for honest, open and respectful dialogue around something that many people have considered as dirty, taboo or “women’s business”.  All of your questions will be answered.  If you do not feel comforable discussing body fluids, reproductive health, sexuality, pleasure, birth control, etc. in mixed groups of men and women, then this is not the workshop for you.  But, everyone is warmly welcomed and we will benefit from the diversity of experience that is present.

Sharon Fennimore is a doula and childbirth educator with an interest in fertility and working with women and men to better understand their reproductive and creative capabilities.  She has over twenty-years of experience teaching and practicing yoga and meditation and brings all of these experiences to her workshops.