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Yoga for Happy Holidays

The “holiday season” can be rough—-maybe your holidays are all about “too much”: you eat too much, drink too much, spend too much, cry too much.  Maybe, you find yourself in old patterns and behavior dynamics with friends and family that leave you feeling helpless, confused and angry.  Perhaps you just love the holidays so much that you dread the end of the season and find yourself on January 2nd wondering how it all went by so fast?  The stress of having perfect holiday events, experiences, presents——-it can all just be horrible or fabulous and you either dread it or look forward to it all year or maybe a bit of both.  Rather than try to drown your holiday response in cocktails, onion dip or peppermint bark, and credit card debt why not be proactive?  Let Sharon prescribe an individual mantra (repeated phrase) and mudra (hand pose) that you can use when you need some emergency holiday support!

Sharon is offering special 45-minute Holiday Mantra SKYPE sessions.

In each session, we will start by identifying the thing that concerns you the most about the holidays.  Then, I will offer you:

  1. A mantra/phrase that you can repeat to yourself in times of stress
  2. A mudra/hand pose that you can use to center yourself through the season
  3. A suggested scent that you can use for aromatherapy and meditation to clear your mind and center yourself

I will send you an e-mail after your SKYPE session to confirm your mantra/phrase and remind you of your mudra/hand pose.  Your Holiday Mantra e-mail will also contain a discount code of 25% off essential oil and aromatherapy products that will be suggested during your session.

Schedule at your convenience by phone (412) 855-5692 or by sending an e-mail with up to three days and times that you are available to:  Each session is $35 with payments through PayPal.


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