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Winter Class Descriptions

Check out the Winter Schedule during our preview in December (December 8-22, 2012)!

An all-levels practice that combines techniques for physical postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), visualization, stretching and relaxation from Tibetan, Chinese and Indian yoga traditions.  Explore sensation and movement in body and mind as you build strength, increase endurance, flexibility and balance while relieving tension and stress.

This is an eclectic hatha yoga practice similar to Matrika Yoga classes with an emphasis on longer vinyasa flow style sequences.  Students of all levels who prefer a more physically active yoga practice will enjoy this class.  This is a mindful flow practice and students are invited to flow at their own level and pace.

All-levels meditation practices are one-hour in length.  All sessions include some mindful movement, breath awareness and instruction in a variety of seated meditation techniques.  Great for stress management

In these classes we use proven yoga techniques to address our physical, mental and energetic health issues.  Based on student request and intake information, Sharon will teach students ways to use yoga practices to address: low back pain, circulation issues, cardiovascular health, stress and anxiety, mood, head/neck and shoulder tension and pain, weight management, arthritis and other common issues of well-being that can be supported through yoga.

This is a gentle practice for women in all stages of pregnancy to increase endurance, relieve tension and prepare for birth.  Maintain your strength and feel as energetic and comfortable as possible during pregnancy.

Me & You Yoga is a gentle practice for moms and infants and children of all ages.  We do some stress relieving yoga for mom and some fun, interactive and playful yoga with wee ones.  They love it!  Create a beautiful ritual of shared time with your little one while introducing your children to yoga.  Tuition is for one adult/one child.  Each additional child is $8 per class.  Mom & Baby Yoga is a postnatal appropriate class for moms with babies up to 12-months of age/crawling.  Classes include a very gentle yoga sequence for baby that you can use anytime to help soothe, calm and delight your wee one.  Moms benefit from stress and tension relief, exercises to help heal from birth and re-build pelvic floor and core strength.

KIDS YOGA (Ages 5-11)
It’s not easy being little!  Children are natural yogis and benefit from body awareness, building compassion and learning techniques for finding calm no matter how stormy their mood or feeling.  Playful yoga practices help reduce stress and anxiety while providing a gently active physical practice.

Michelle facilitates this play group for mobile infants (apx. 9-months) to toddlers up to three-years of age with developmentally appropriate activities that help little ones explore texture, creative movement, music, stories, songs and group socialization skills.

This is a yoga class for women with a focus on practices that support reproductive health and optimum fertility.  In a supportive, comfortable and non-competitive environment, learn movements, breathing exercises, visualizations and relaxation techniques that will support you in creating optimum fertility in mind, body and spirit.  Excellent for women of all ages, this approach to the practice of yoga is designed to support aspects of health that may be of particular concern to women from menstrual cycle regularity, menopause, bone health, cardiovascular health, weight management, endocrine/hormone balance and more.

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