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Yoga for Fertility

Yoga Benefits that Optimize Fertility and Reproductive Health

  • stress relief
  • hormone balance
  • endocrine system support
  • increased circulation to reproductive organs
  • enhanced quality of sleep
  • decreased anxiety and fear


Yoga is a magnificent form of preparation for all creative activities and having a regular yoga practice is a beautiful way to support optimum fertility and reproductive health for men and women. Rather than think of yoga as one more thing you can do to help get pregnant or as an addition to any treatment you may be receiving for an “infertility” diagnosis, we believe that yoga should be something that you do for yourself. Enjoy!

Our classroom environment is kept to a comfortable temperature and we offer non-competitive classes that are ideal for women and men that are actively trying to conceive. All yoga and meditation classes on the schedule are excellent for supporting reproductive health.

YOGA for FERTILITY: 6-Week Series

Starting in January 2013, Sharon Rudyk will also be facilitating 12-week series called Yoga for Fertility. These classes are for women only and will be held on Mondays from 6:00-7:15 pm. Women who prefer to take a yoga class that only includes female students are welcome to join regardless of their interest in becoming pregnant. This is a wonderful and holistic class to support optimum health for women in all stages of life with an emphasis on yoga for creativity, for stress reduction and for joy! Great news if you find you are pregnant during the series! All of our yoga and breathing exercises are prenatal appropriate, so it is safe for you to finish the series.


Sharon offers a variety of private session packages that might be of interest to students, male and female, that are opening their lives to the possibility of children. For a free phone consultation with Sharon regarding the right path for your specific needs and goals, please call (412) 855-5692.

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