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An Opportunity to be Generous

I am writing this morning because of a great tragedy that has happened in our community and with news of a way to be generous towards a family that has experienced profound loss.
Many of you know that my son Nicholas attends first grade at Greenfield Elementary School.  On Friday of last week, a devastating house fire took the lives of one of his classmate’s (Vernon Hayward) sister and cousin and he and his grandmother are left with absolutely nothing and no money to bury his sister and cousin with.  His aunt was providing childcare for the two young children while the grandmother walked to Greenfield to pick up  Vernon and when she returned, the house was engulfed by flames.  The aunt who was babysitting jumped out of a 3rd story window and is in critical condition with severe head and spine injuries. (WPXI article on the fire.)
I have pasted the request for assistance that the Greenfield PTO distributed on Saturday morning below.  There is an update here about making monetary donations to a fund for the Hayward Family that is set up at First National Bank.   They also need clothes and shoes (Vernon is a size 14 Husky and size 5 shoes).
While I am well aware that this is not the only tragedy and that human suffering is infinite, I also know that we receive great benefit by being generous and helping our fellow humans when we become aware of a need.  If you are in a position to help my son’s friend Vernon and his family in some way, then I wanted to make you aware of this opportunity for generosity.  If you are not in a position to help monetarily or have other ways that you provide help in your community, please include this little boy and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  We should never doubt the incredible power of healing thoughts and prayer (in any and all forms).
I will accept gift cards at the studio and deliver them to the school on your behalf.  This week I will also collect clothing donations.  If you are not able to come to the studio, please mail them to YOGA MATRIKA, 1406 S. Negley Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.  Please do not send or give cash.
Thank you to the entire Yoga Matrika community for your generosity of spirit and the beautiful practice that you share!
With love and gratitude,
As most of you have heard, the house fire on Mirror St. in Greenfield yesterday afternoon was the home of Vernon Hayward one of our 1st graders. Vernon lived there with his grandmother, who had custody of him, and his younger sister and cousin. Vernon’s grandmother walked to pick him up from school on Fri. and they arrived home to see the fire. Both small children (his sister and cousin) have died and the babysitter who stayed home with them is in critical condition.
We are putting together a collection for Vernon and his grandmother. They have lost everything. We will be collecting clothes, gift cards, and monetary donations (make checks payable to Greenfield School PTO, memo Vernon). Mrs. Sanner has let us know that Vernon is a size 14 husky and a size 5 shoe.
Vernon is new to Greenfield School this year and his grandma said he is really enjoying it. If any parents can help transporting Vernon to school Monday-Thursday mornings (he has a ride on Fridays) it would be a great help to them. We hope to keep Vernon and his grandmother part of out Greenfield School Family and help them through this horrible time.
Thank you

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