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Highest Potential

A little less than a month ago, the great scholar of yoga, Georg Feuerstein passed away.  I have been re-reading many of his books and writings and would like to share this excerpt from his work  that discusses why each of us should practice yoga. 

You can practice yoga to stay in shape, to get into shape, to find some calm in your otherwise chaotic sea of existence, but Feuerstein reminds us that the real gift of yoga is that it allows us to reach our highest potential as a human being.  We don’t have to limit ourselves to achievements—-now I can touch my toes, now I wait 10 seconds before exploding in rage, now I enjoy deep sleep, now I am strong enough to do 10/20/50 push-ups—-we can practice yoga as a self-realization project.   We can practice to remove obstacles to our highest potential.

Amazing.  Thank you for your beautiful work Georg Feuerstein. 


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