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Welcome Cosy Makes Studio

Starting later this summer, you will notice some changes in the studio space at Yoga Matrika as we welcome Cosy Makes Studio to share our little space at 1406 S. Negley Avenue.  We know that change can be hard and be stressful, even when that change means wonderful things.  So, I want to share with you what this change means for you so you can prepare.

The biggest change is that, starting in the fall, Yoga Matrika will no longer offer “drop-in” classes.  All of our classes will require registration for a series of classes for a “semester”.  Classes that do not meet a minimum pre-registration will be cancelled and all classes will have strict maximum attendance so that we can make sure that all students are comfortable and safe when they come to practice at Yoga Matrika.  For years, this has been our specialty—–small, intimate classes where students receive the highest quality instruction.  There are so many benefits to making a commitment to a series of classes and practicing in this way that it would be hard to even name them all, but I’ll name a few just to ease any upset that you may be having at the idea of not having drop-in classes anymore:

#1: If you make a commitment and pay up-front, you are more likely to actually attend class.  If you know you can’t beg for more time on your class package and that you must show up for a specific class at a specific time, you are likely to put that class on your calendar and actually attend.  No excuses!

#2: In a class that runs in a series, the instructor can plan a curriculum for that class and add new skills each week knowing what you did the previous week.  This makes it a higher quality class because the instructor can prepare in a more specific way.  As a student, you will also see progress in your practice and be able to learn new skills in a valuable way.

#3: You will get to know your teacher and fellow students and this makes practice more intimate and safe.  Relieve yourself of the constant flow of new faces and needs and special requests………your instructor will be able to tailor each practice to the group that has registered and you will have the support and space required to truly relax into your practice without distractions.  The student-teacher relationship is very important in yoga and by making a commitment to a particular class and with a particular teacher, you allow this relationship to prosper.

#4: I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of trying to keep track of class packages, special deals, cancellations, substitutes, etc.  This registration policy liberates us all from these concerns.  Register and attend.  There will not be another GROUPON, LIVING SOCIAL, coupon code, discount rate, unlimited……nothing.  The series are all scheduled so that there is a minimum of one week at the end so that, if the instructor has to cancel a class, there will be a make-up class added.  If YOU miss a class, you can purchase a make-up class package and take any other class on the schedule that has room to make up for it during that semester.  Or, well, you just missed a class.  It will be OK!

The other big change is that we will be sharing the space with a fiber artist.  Trust me, this is WONDERFUL news.  And, not just ANY fiber artist—-it’s our very own Cosy!  Cosy could teach my fish how to knit and if you are a knitter, hooker or just fiber curious, Cosy is going to offer at least three classes a week for a variety of levels that will be perfect for you.  Also, the front reception area will become a retail outlet for Cosy’s patterns, hand-dyed wool, kits and much, much more.  You can purchase yarns, patterns and kits before or after classes or when Cosy has events and groups or by appointment.  Cosy does private lessons too!

So, here is the least you need to know:

#1: You can continue to take fabulous, small-group yoga and meditation classes at Yoga Matrika with your favorite instructors this fall.

#2: You will be able to learn to knit, learn new knitting skills and purchase unique and hand-made yarns and patterns at Yoga Matrika starting this fall when Cosy Makes Studio opens at 1406 S. Negley Avenue.

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