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Community Classes

Community Yoga Classes

Please note that our teacher training program from 2011-2012 is complete and we are not offering community classes at this time. We are offering incredible deals on memberships ($30 monthly for 4-classes and $50 monthly for 8-classes). If paying for classes is your only obstacle, please call Sharon to discuss and make a personalized payment plan (412) 855-5692. We hope to offer Community Classes again in the spring of 2013 when the next cohort of trainees is ready to graduate!

Cost: $5 or a class from your existing package

Community yoga classes are karma classes taught by Matrika Teachers in Training. We accept cash payments in any amount, but suggest a minimum payment of $5. If you have an existing Yoga Matrika class package, your package will be charged for the class and you should not make an additional payment. All instructors are supervised by Sharon Rudyk. We appreciate constructive feedback and you should e-mail feedback to Sharon directly at:

Yoga is for everyone and these community classes give us the opportunity to offer very low cost yoga classes while also giving new instructors the opportunity to find their teaching voice and gain valuable experience.

Everyone is welcome! These all levels classes are great for both beginners and experienced students. Due to space limitations, we recommend that all students enroll in classes online. You do not need a class package to enroll in these community classes. Online enrollment can be accomplished straight from the class schedule.

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