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And on Day 6, We Rest

Day 6 of Week One of Eight with Rodney Yee

Today we breathe, we relax and we meditate in supported hero pose.  Yes, we finally have a practice that is just my speed and just what I need after an incredibly stressful week.  I’ve got more adrenaline rushing around my blood and poisoning my organs than I care to admit and this, combined with the almost complete lack of quality sleep is enough.  Truly, enough.  So, thank you Rodney Yee for building in this lovely restful practice and (yippie) a day off tomorrow.

Next week, sun salutations.  I’m really looking forward to finding some new inspiration for  my sun salutation practice!


Please feel free to join me in my 8-week program with Rodney Yee. You can share your own experience by leaving comments on this blog. It’s OK if you start on a different day or we get out of sync. This is going to be fun!

Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, the fearless leader of Team Matrika. Are you in Pittsburgh, PA? Join us for a great class at Yoga Matrika in Squirrel Hill.

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