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What Can You Do with $100?

Right now, if you act before May 1, 2012, you can purchase a summer of UNLIMITED YOGA for $100.  Just for the sake of comparison, I thought you might want to consider all the things that you can buy for $100:

$100 of Unlimited Yoga in June, July and August

  • a strong, flexible and toned body
  • greater endurance and cardiovascular health
  • injury prevention
  • better sleep
  • studio is air conditioned so you get a break from the heat and humidity
  • less stress and related concerns (headaches, back problems, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc.)

Or, $100 will buy you:

  • almost 1 Bon Jovi concert ticket ($112 for the worst seat in the house)
  • one dinner for two at one of these select NY restaurants
  • most of a 10-class pass at Om Yoga in NYC ($140 on sale! Regularly $165.)
  • this lacquer gold fu dog is just $89.99
  • a John Hancock lego set ($99.85–in the gift ideas for women over 30—you know, a lego set….what every woman over 30 really wants but just doesn’t know how to ask for)
  • the wonderful world of Disney Trivia Game: 2 (at less than $80–this is a STEAL)
  • at least three-items at Whole Foods
  • this $79.50 first aid kit for your DOG

The choice is clear here.  $100 for an entire summer of unique, blissful yoga classes or—–most of a BonJovi ticket in the peanut gallery.  Seriously, what are you waiting for?  BUY HERE NOW

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