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Community Supported Yoga

Yoga Matrika is a unique yoga community.  For the past five years, Yoga Matrika has changed location (here, there and back again…..) and some of our most beloved instructors have moved away, drifted away or gone and come back.  But, what has remained the same is that we are a community-based studio that serves the needs of this particular community for:

  • healing and wellness through yoga
  • friendship and support
  • gentle yoga and meditation
  • mindful movement and freedom of expression
  • classes and services for expectant and new moms and families with young children
  • resouces for the development of creativity, kindness, compassion and awareness in a world that does not always value these qualities

Yoga Matrika is now offering the unique ability to invest in the studio through the selling of CSY shares.  Community Supported Yoga gives students the ability to invest in an economical way in both their personal practice and the studio.

$30 CSY Investment Share/per month
Guaranteed Space in One Class per Week
Minimum One Year Contract Required

$50 CSY Investment Share/per month
Guaranteed Space in Two Classes per Week
Minimum One Year Contract Required

A LIMITED NUMBER of CSY Shares are being sold so that we can guarantee space in classes to share holders.  Buy your share today right here!

What are the benefits for Yoga Matrika?

  • Your investment in a CSY share allows us to spend less time on marketing and more time doing what we really love—teaching yoga!
  • Instructors can depend on a competitive and consistent wage for their work
  • The studio’s overhead costs are met each month regardless of weather or other cancellations or unexpected causes of low attendance.
  • The student body is more consistent and instructors get to know their “regulars” and students get to know one another.  This supportive environment is safer and more conducive to yoga practice for everyone.
  • We no longer have to keep offering special deals or working with outside marketing partners like Groupon or Living Social.  The best deal will always be available directly through the CSY (as long as shares remain available).
  • When instructors receive consistent and competitive wages for their work, there is likely to be less turn-over in instructors and therefore, less changes in the schedule of classes.

What are the benefits for students?

  • Making a commitment to practice once or twice a week is an investment in your health, wellness and stress reduction.  A CSY share makes this an economical investment and a promise that you can really keep for yourself.
  • Never worry about how many classes you have left, expiration dates or anything else that distracts you from your practice.  There will never be a better deal offered than a CSY share, so you can feel confident that your investment is also the best economical decision for your practice.
  • Freedom to choose from a variety of classes, styles, instructors and levels with little to no financial risk.  Sure, you can be a “regular” in a class, but your membership may provide the incentive you need to check out a different class or switch up your schedule for a week.
  • When you get to know your teachers and they get to know you, it is more likely that your individual needs will be met in a group environment.  Yoga Matrika is unique in that class size is limited to 12 students or less.
  • Get to know other members and you will experience the proven benefit of being a member of a supportive community.
  • Expectant members are more likely to come back for mom and baby classes and for classes on their own when they make this commitment.  Yoga isn’t just for pregnancy!  This is a practice for life.

Please join us in this beautiful bliss project.  Let’s create love and light in our communities through the effort of our combined practice and commitment to generating healing energy for the good of all living beings.  Jai!

Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, the captain of the ship at Yoga Matrika, an intimate, community-based space for the practices of yoga, meditation and mindful movement for all levels, ages and abilities. 


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