Summer Yoga Deals


Summer tends to be a season of relaxed schedules, road trips, camping and special time spent outside—-walks in the evening after supper, playing out on the lawn late into the night because it is still light out and it is easy to fall out of the routine of your yoga practice.

This summer, we want to help you keep your commitment to your practice by offering awesome deals on unlimited yoga. Our studio is kept to a comfortable temperature with air conditioning and you will enjoy taking an hour out of the sun to refresh mind, body and spirit. Our discounted unlimited yoga packages are valid for ALL classes on the drop-in schedule as space permits. As space is limited in classes, we suggest that you enroll in classes online. This will also help you make and keep your commitment to yoga.

Please note that the schedule is not, in any way, guaranteed. Individual instructors will take vacation time and may miss one or more weeks of a class. Some classes currently on the schedule will not be held over the summer. The studio will be closed for holidays. It is important that, if you wish to take full advantage of these packages, you think that you will take a minimum of 10-classes over the summer and that you are somewhat flexible about which classes you take. If not, then even though this is a great deal, it may not be the deal for you. Absolutely NO REFUNDS and NO EXTENSIONS and packages are not transferable. There are no exceptions to this. No other discounts, coupons or offers apply to these special packages.

Unlimited Yoga from June 1 through August 2012

Purchased before April 1, 2012 $80
Purchased before May 1, 2012 $100
Purchased before June 1, 2012 $125

Purchase your SUMMER UNLIMITED package today HERE.

In addition, we also know that you may drift from your regular practice even if you take advantage of one of the great deals on unlimited yoga listed above. So, we’d like to offer a special unlimited package for September that you invest in now so you can return in September without breaking the bank.

Unlimited Yoga in September 2012

Purchased before April 1, 2012 $35
Purchased before May 1, 2012 $45
Purchased before June 1, 2012 $55
Purchased before July 1, 2012 $75

Spread the word to all your yogi and yogini friends! The more the merrier this summer at The Mat. If you are leaving Pittsburgh for the summer, then we’ll see you in September!


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