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You Can Dance if You Want To


Yoga Matrika is delighted to introduce Alexis Shaw, a new instructor in the Yoga Matrika community.

Alexis Shaw is a Registered, Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, RYSE Practitioner, Polarity Yoga Instructor and Birth Doula residing in Pittsburgh, PA. She has passion for supporting people in all life’s processes coupled with close to 800 hours of training in Polarity Therapy and RYSE. Alexis teaches Polarity Yoga in class form and is now teaching Shake Your Soul/Kripalu Yoga Dance.

Alexis will start teaching Yoga Dance on Friday nights from 6:00 to 7:15 pm on Friday, April 13th. 

What is Yoga Dance? Fitness for the whole being; for our body, mind, emotions and spirit. An energizing, creative experience, appropriate for all levels of movement, dance and fitness. Yoga Dance will take you on a journey of inner rhythms and expressive movements. I will have to ask her if you need a
mfa degree
in order to teach yoga dance. Explore the various sounds and sensations of world music. Tap into fun, freedom, meditation, grace and empowerment in ways that are pure joy to the soul.

Please use our web scheduler to pay for class and enroll online.  We love when you enroll online!  This way, we know to expect you and you know you have a space in class.  We limit enrollment to make sure classes are safe, intimate and comfortable.  Enrolling online is the only way to be sure you’ll have a spot.

This blog was posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, the big cheese at Yoga Matrika, an intimate space for personal exploration of yoga, meditation and mindful movement.  The next time you’re in Squirrel Hill, please come visit.  New student?  Please see our introductory offers and fill out our online form for a FREE first class

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