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The New Yoga Happy Hour

Yoga Matrika now offers two classes each week at 4:30pm:

4:30 to 5:30pm
Hatha Yoga with Angela Scardina

4:30 to 5:30 pm
Yoga I with Sharon Rudyk

This is a real gem of a time to do yoga if you can make it.  First, these classes are a sweet one-hour in length.  Second, as they start before 6pm, our discount package for daytime classes (4-pack for $32) applies.  Third, you can have your day, get in a quick yoga practice and then have a relaxed dinner and a walk on a fine spring or summer evening rather than rush through dinner and force yourself to run back out the door for a night class.  We know that not everyone has the option to take a class at 4:30pm, but if you do, then give one or both of these classes a try.  It’ll be a treat!


Oh, and, it is my great joy to introduce the Yoga Matrika community to one of our newest instructors, Angela Scardina.  Angela is originally from the rural hills around Kittanning PA.  Her college and graduate studies focused on psychology, language and religion.  She spent several years in NYC working to help young people and their families build communication skills and cultural understanding.  Excited by the many  reasons to integrate the discipline of yoga with her work, she was drawn to further her own practice and learn to share her love of yoga.  She completed a 9 month certification course at Integral Yoga Institute in NYC.  In addition to private instruction, she taught with Life in Motion, NYC Parks and Bent on Learning (a non-profit group that delivers yoga class to urban school teachers and students).  She recently moved to Pittsburgh and now joins Yoga Matrika to deliver Hatha Yoga.

So, you might ask, what IS Hatha Yoga?  Angela is a trained Integral Hatha Yoga practitioner and teacher.  Integral Yoga is a slow, gentle practice for anyone of any age or condition. A unique sequence of poses that tone and strengthen, followed by deep relaxation, breathing practices and meditation.  The class works with awareness and breath, and allows students time to get comfortable in a pose; fostering an individual experience that takes each student to her own limits, yielding maximum benefit and preventing injury.

The practice calms your body, breath, and mind, and leads you to realize the self within.  Loving guidance from the instructor, helps you to you walk away after class, feeling peace and serenity.

This post was written by Sharon Rudyk, team leader at Yoga Matrika and a seeker of serenity wherever it might be found.  Angela’s Hatha Yoga class is sounding pretty good right about now!  The next time you are looking for a healing and wonderful yoga class and are in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, please come and join us at The Mat. 

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