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I’ve Got a Booty, How About YOU?

I’ve got a booty, yes I do.
I’ve got a booty, how about you?

And my booty reflects the fact that I spent the winter of 2012 on my butt, watching Downton Abbey and nursing a baby.  A noble cause, without question, but it has taken its toll my dear readers.  A toll that has taken me one step closer to needing to wear sweatpants every day.  What does your booty reflect?

Enough my readers!  Take charge of your springtime booty and let Aleta whip your entire body into shape with one of her delightful, fun and serious calorie spending Yoga Booty Ballet (YBB) classes at Yoga Matrika.  We call them YBB: Cardio Yoga classes because all practices include:

  • Setting an intention for your practice
  • A warm-up yoga-based kriya
  • An aerobic workout to music
  • A yoga flow sequence
  • Savasana (final relaxation/corpse pose)

No Orange or Hot Pink Pants Required. But, wouldn't it be fun?

Absolutely no experience with yoga, ballet, dancing, aerobics or anything else is required.  You may find that the movement sequences take a while to pick-up, but Aleta says that it takes just a month of practice at least once a week and then you will remember them all.  If you are not in good physical shape, have any health condition or have any questions about whether or not this class is appropriate for you, please check with your doctor first—-explain that it is a cardio workout combined with yoga-based stretches.

Yoga Matrika is committed to providing a wide

Aleta Howard

variety of classes in an intimate, non-judgmental, inclusive and non-competitive environment.  This class is no exception.  Aleta is a very caring and fun instructor who loves to teach and share this joyful practice with her students.  Please do not be shy if you are worried about not knowing what you are doing—-it will be ok.  Promise.

Bring a water bottle and an open mind!  Prepare to hip, hop, shake and groove your way to a shapely body and a fine looking booty for all your more revealing spring and summer wardrobe favorites.

Every Thursday evening 5:30 to 6:45pm
Every Saturday afternoon 12:00 to 1:15pm

Yoga Matrika, 1406 S. Negley Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

It’s fun, you will feel great and you will become stronger and more flexible.  As heart disease is the leading killer of Americans, taking the time to exercise your heart and mind while relieving stress is a great investment in the quality of your overall health.

How much does it cost?
If you’ve never been to Yoga Matrika before, then fill out our welcome form and receive a FREE first class.  Are you already a regular or have you been to the studio before?  Then it is $15 to drop-in, $50 for a 4-class pass and $80 for an 8-class pass. 

See you soon and often at The Mat!

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