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Up In the Air

In our Matrika Mom & Baby classes, we sing a very unique song, “Up in the Air Junior Thunderbirds.”  I added this to the class as I remember my mother singing this to my sister and I as she let us fly up on her shins and I wanted to add this fun and exciting experience to my classes.  One day I got it into my head to go online and get the lyrics to this song so that I could print them out and give them to my moms.  I was somewhat disturbed to find that I had, actually, through my memory, created completely unique lyrics.  So, although I thought I was remembering them word for word from when my mother sang them, it turns out I only have the tune right and the basic structure of the song.

We sing:

Up in the air junior Thunderbird

Up in the air, upside down

Up in the air junior Thunderbirds

With our noses to the ground

Well, here is a link to the original lyrics.  You will notice that they are close in spirit, but not really the same song that we sing. 

Here are the original lyrics to Up in the Air Junior Birdmen:

Up in the air, Junior Birdmen
Up in the air, Birmen true
Up in the air, Junior Birdmen
Spread your wings up in the blue
Up in the blue
And when you hear that grand announcement
That you’ve won your wings of tin
You’ll be glad that you’re a Birdman
And you sent your box tops in
Just three boxtops, and one thin dime.

Enjoy mammas!  No matter what you sing, enjoy some playtime on the floor with your wee ones today.

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