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Feng Shui Swap Party

January 23rd is Lunar New Year (aka. Chinese New Year) and in honor of this opportunity for new beginnings we are having our first annual Feng Shui Swap Party!

Party Date: January 20, 2012
Party Time: 4:30 to 8:30 pm

What is it all about: Come and sip some wine and explore great finds from infant clothing to craft supplies.  Bring what you no longer need and pick up what you can use right now.

Here is how it works: On Sunday, January 15th, any time between 10:00 am and noon, drop off some of the following:

  • infant or children’s clothes in any size,
  • cloth diapers (stripped and in good condition),
  • maternity clothing,
  • sweaters
  • toys (stuffed animals, puzzles, games, teethers, etc.)
  • blankets,
  • coats,
  • purses & tote bags,
  • fabric, yarn, craft supplies,
  • clothing for women and men
  • cds, records, dvd and vhs movies

Please drop off in boxes that are very clearly labeled and separate your own items. If you have anything else that you are interested in giving away that isn’t on the above list (ie. baby gear, electronics, camping gear, furniture, kitchen items, etc.) then please take a picture and make a single flyer and indicate how you can be contacted regarding the item(s). The only “rule” is that, to be a part of the swap, no items can be sold.  Everything must be given freely.  I will hang up flyers at the party.

Then, on Friday afternoon and evening, January 20th, come for a glass of wine and a snack and peruse the goods. Take what you can use and anything that isn’t taken by our community will be donated to a good cause. Clean out your closets, garage, basements and storage areas. Liberate your yarn, fabric and craft stash to make room for new ideas and materials. What comes around goes around! Trust that, when you need something, the Universe will provide it. If you aren’t using it now, there might be someone who really needs it now. Start this new year out with space for new beginnings and allow creative energy and open space into your home. Children are warmly welcomed!

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