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Oh Wow!

It was raining, my husband’s cell phone wasn’t working, he was late to work and we pulled up to my son’s school just a minute before we were supposed to pick him up.  I, somewhat frazzled, jumped out of the car and put a bit of a spring in my step as I jogged towards the appropriate door of the school for kindergarten pick-up.  After I jogged a few steps, I heard this male voice beside me say, “Oh Wow!”.  I wasn’t sure what was so wonderful about a crowded elementary school pick-up scene on a rainy afternoon, but something about the tone of the male voice made me feel kind of uneasy.  It was a “Oh Wow” I’m looking at something kind of sexy “Oh Wow” (if you know what I mean).  But, I kept up my little jog until I heard the “Oh Wow” a little louder and a little closer to my body.  It felt even worse.  Then, I heard “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow watch them bounce.”  It was then that I realized that this man was referring to my breasts.

Yes, this man, on his way to pick up a child at an elementary school, was giving my 3-month postpartum boobies a very enthusiastic thumbs up in the jiggle category.  The tone was certainly not, “Oh wow, look at that powerful woman goddess who feeds her young through the miraculous production of liquid gold.”  The tone was more, “Oh wow, look at those boobs bounce.”  Not only was the tone ugly, but the idea that someone, a complete stranger,  could wield this power to render me flesh without power or personality was immediately repulsive.

Yet, I almost immediately started to feel that I could re-frame the experience.  Let’s be honest, my 3-month postpartum body is most definitely not “Oh Wow” by any measurement against what is currently considered attractive.  So, Mr. Creepy, I’ll take it as a complement that you find my lactating, postpartum self so very exciting that you felt the need to verbally express your feelings. And then I took it one step further as I came to realize that I am so VERY “OH WOW” right now.

I am the Oh Wow Goddess.

I am a woman who safely harbored a new life within the core of my body.  A new life that I nourished with meditation, chanting and energetic work for over 40-weeks.  A new life that I labored to greet and that I nourish now purely with golden liquid that I give and is received at my heart center.  I am the Oh Wow Goddess, a woman who juggles mothering two beautiful children, my marriage, my career and my obligations to my community while also managing to brush my teeth regularly and eat meals with one hand.  One day I might lose my Oh Wow Bounce, but I’ll always be the Oh Wow Goddess.

Here’s to every woman who has to shake hands with her fourth trimester body; a body that bears the evidence of her greatest power.  The power to create and sustain new life.  Here’s to every woman who jiggles and bounces in places where society has told us we ought to keep tight and in control.  Here’s to the newly conceived Oh Wow Goddess!  Jai, Jai, Jai!

Hey Dharmashakti, do you think you might write a new kirtan chant for the Oh Wow Goddess?  If so, be sure to give some credit to Mr. Creepy for it is not always our greatest admirer who inspires us to realize our greatness.  Sometimes, it is the vulgar voice in the background that asks us to step up and reveal the heroine.

Written by Sharon Rudyk, Owner and Director of Yoga Matrika and Matrika Prenatal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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