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What’s in a Name? Choosing a class at Yoga Matrika.

This fall, we have four different types of “flow” classes on the schedule and you might be wondering how you should choose.  All classes are open to all levels and none of our classes are “hot yoga,”  “power yoga,” or require incredible flexibility.  Therefore, you can’t really make a mistake.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a more physically challenging or a more gentle practice, these class names can help direct you to the class that might best meet your needs.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sharon and she can make a personal referral.  Here is a very quick definition of what these different types might mean:

Mindful Flow

Each instructor that offers a mindful flow class brings their own unique training and experience to their class, but all mindful flow classes have in common:

  • a slower pace of movement
  • focus on breath and alignment
  • meditative movement
  • explores body & mind through an inclusion of spiritual aspects of practice

Matrika Flow

Each instructor that offers a matrika flow class brings their own unique training and experience to their class, but all matrika flow classes have in common:

  • an emphasis on moving with the breath
  • creative series of poses that build heat in the body
  • exploration of seated, standing, and strengthening poses
  • inversions
  • careful focus on safe alignment and energetic anatomy through movement

Open Level Flow

Please read your instructor’s bio for information about their personal training and background.  These classes are unique to the instructor, but all Open Level Flow classes have in common:

  • more physically challenging
  • using the body as a focus for meditation
  • moving through strengthening poses with the breath
  • looking to balance effort and ease in physical movements
  • build strength, flexibility and balance
  • inversions

Restorative Flow

While each instructor is unique, Restorative Flow classes:

  • emphasis on the power of yoga practices to heal, relieve stress and create balance
  • increase flexibility
  • include practices that help release stress held in the body
  • relieve hip and back pain
  • support healing and pain relief in shoulders, knees and feet
  • movements are slow and gentle

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