Reading to Prepare for the Storm

Knowing that I will most likely not have the opportunity to read for pleasure for about a year (maybe more?), I have been taking advantage of the absolutely wonderful public library system here in Pittsburgh and reading everything I can get my hands on.  For those of you who are expecting your first child, you may not understand why I would think that I wouldn’t have time to read for pleasure in the coming year. Expectant parents read the baby books that indicate that babies sleep for 14-18 hours per day of 24 and they think that they will have those 18-hours to themselves.  HA!  For those of you who have ever parented an infant, you know that I am one smart cookie! Honestly, I may be preparing for the storm that never comes and I may actually get a chance to read a few books this coming year.  Who knows?  In the meantime, bring on the storm my wee one——I’ve filled my head with enough fiction for at least two years!

When I read something that is particularly delightful, I try to post at least the title and author so that, if you are looking for a recommendation, you can explore my prenatal reading frenzy postings for ideas.  Just so you know, I am trying to avoid anything violent, terrifying, and terribly sad.  So, my reading suggestions are perfect if you are looking for easy reads that are well written, engaging, but don’t take a whole lot of literary prowess to conquer (I AM pregnant…….).

This past week, I was able to check-out a book that I had placed on reserve a while back by Marina Lewycka titled, “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian.”  And no, my sweet readers, I did not also decide to learn Ukrainian this past year in preparation for the storm!  This wonderful little story is written entirely in English.  I read this novel in one night and enjoyed every wonderful word. I laughed out loud.  I worried.  I found the characters to be flawed in the most fabulous of ways.  This novel is the story of an 86-year old man who falls in love.  This novel is the story of two adult sisters who are brought together after years of feuding.  This novel is the story of the capacity of the human spirit to endure through tragedy and hardship.  It’s a novel about war, globalization, generalizations, feminism and how these all manifest themselves in family dynamics.

Pregnant or not, I can’t imagine that you won’t enjoy this quick read that warms your heart and makes you think at the same time.  Enjoy!

Posted by Sharon Rudyk, an independent yoga instructor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with four cats, a five year old son and one on the way and a husband that works hard to support her reading addiction and creative pursuits.  Learn more about Sharon’s teaching schedule, teacher training programs, meditation program and comprehensive six-month stress reduction programs.

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