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Spring Preparation #6: Make a Commitment

The kind of commitment that I’m talking about is also sometimes referred to as “put your money where your mouth is.”  You know that you want to make a commitment to developing your yoga practice, your meditation practice or both.  Maybe you’ve been meaning to try yoga for a while.  Perhaps, after the 15th article you’ve read this month about the benefits of meditation you feel almost obligated to give it a try.  Maybe you’ve let your mat get dusty this winter or it might even be frozen in your trunk?

Whether you’ve never done yoga or meditated before or you’ve been a yogi at heart for forever, this season of renewal reminds us of the value of commitment.  Registering for an 8-week small group series with Sharon for this spring is an excellent way to ease yourself back on your mat or cushion or find out what all the buzz is about for yourself for the very first time.

Here are just some of the benefits to committing to a private small-group class over dropping-in on large studio classes:

  • You have the opportunity to develop a relationship with your teacher and your fellow students.  You know that this small group will notice your absence and you will miss seeing them too and these relationships help you get to class when you aren’t quite feeling up to it.
  • You write the dates and times on your calendar and then you make it happen.  If you have to arrange a babysitter, then you do it.  If you have to figure out what bus you are going to take, you find that schedule.  When it is on your calendar, then you do it. Making a class a habit is an excellent way to make sure that you actually attend.
  • In a small group you get the attention and support you need to learn new skills.  With an 8-week series, the material can be presented in a consecutive way.  The instructor can get to know you and your special abilities and is prepared to modify your practice just for you.  No more hiding in the back of the room just hoping you don’t hurt yourself!
  • Let’s be honest.  You spent the money and now you are going to show up.
  • When you make a commitment, a whole new realm of opportunities will open up for you.  Whenever you make a commitment, it means saying “no” to other things or people.  But, it also means that a completely new set of possibilities will be revealed to you.

Stop talking about doing yoga or learning how to meditate and SIGN-UP.  See you in April!

This post was written by Sharon Rudyk, an independent yoga and meditation instructor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Read more about Sharon on her website.

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