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A View of Homebirth

For many years, way before her beautiful daughters were even a twinkle in her eye, I took yoga classes with Schuyler Grant in New York at Kula Yoga.  She’s a truly gifted yoga teacher and has been an inspiration for me personally and professionally.  While I am not personally the poster-child for homebirth, I was just delighted to come across this YouTube video of Schuyler talking about her personal home birthing experiences that also included these images of her own birth experiences.  They are a reminder of how strong we are and how beautiful it is to give birth.  When the internet is filled with scary stories and terrifying images are everywhere, what a gift it is to have Schuyler share these images that communicate her strength and adoration of her children in every slide.

Thank you Schuyler and I hope that all the Matrika Mammas out there ENJOY!  Watch the video by following this link.

Posted by Sharon Rudyk, an independent yoga, meditation instructor and childbirth educator in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Find more information on Sharon’s prenatal yoga and other programs at www.matrikaprenatal.com

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