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Spring Preparation #5: Spring Ahead in Time

This Saturday night (Or on Sunday morning when we wonder why we are at church/yoga class/work when everyone else failed to show up and know quite honestly that it isn’t about moral superiority …..) we will change our clocks so that they are an hour ahead.  In a pessimistic essence, we lose an hour of sleep and then, by Sunday evening, we’ll have trouble falling asleep as it will feel way too early to turn in.  In our most optimistic essence, we could see this as a head start.  Taking a middle path, we can take this opportunity to explore our attachment to time and re-negotiate our relationship to time.

Here are two books that I can recommend that may help you think about time in a different way:

Infinite Life (2004) by Robert Thurman
This is a series of meditations and spiritual guidance that suggests we can be happier if we live as though our actions and thoughts have infinite implications for both our own happiness and the happiness of all living beings.  The meditation guidance is valuable both for beginners and for experienced meditation practitioners.

Einstein’s Clocks, Poincare’s Maps (2003) by Peter Galison
In this book, Galison explores how Einstein and Poincare’s ideas about time and space changed how it was possible to think about simultaneity and the way that physics, philosophy and technology were changed by these ideas.  Within this history of science narrative is a complex story of how the perception of time changes and the social and political implications of both our understanding and use of time.

Written by Sharon Rudyk, an independent yoga and meditation instructor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Check out my teaching schedule online at

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