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As Yoga Matrika was inspired by the birth of my sweet and passionate son and my interests and expertise in prenatal yoga and supporting moms with young children continues to grow, it is only fitting that our programs in this area now have their very own beautiful website.  Please check out the brand new:

Yoga is a practice that supports transformation and pregnancy, childbirth and parenting a newborn are certainly transformative experiences!  It is my sincere desire that every pregnant woman in Pittsburgh have access to a supportive yoga community that will provide the love, guidance and support that make such a positive difference in the experience of pregnancy.  There are many wonderful prenatal yoga instructors here in Pittsburgh and a wide range of options in terms of style, location and personality.  The resources page of lists classes that are outside of the city and I hope that expectant moms will seek out classes that are convenient and reasonable for them.  We will continue to update the resources section of the website and would love any input that you might have.

Matrika Mammas are strong, intelligent and delicious!

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