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Gnomes and Great Coffee

First, let me tell you that the Morning Glory Cafe does not know I’m writing this and I am not receiving any payment or bonus from them.  This is a song of praise from my own heart inspired by my first visit to the cafe this morning.

I was recently in Toronto and was delighted at the number of cute, unique and innovative coffee shops and lamented the lack of these in Pittsburgh.  This morning, I visited the Morning Glory Cafe and I am delighted to report that it is just a fabulous little place.  Of course, it’s not everyday that you can get a dose of both gnomes and coffee. Unless, of course, you go to this little cafe everyday!  As soon as I walked in, I knew that I had found my coffee house home.  I love it so much that I might learn how to drive just so I can go there more often.  The music was fabulous and the coffee was superb.  The whole place made me want to buy some paints and glue and make something, do something fabulous and create something snazzy.  The tone is very retro and laid back, but there were also a lot of puzzles and games for my son to play with while I enjoyed my coffee.  As every parent knows, one of the best things about a cup of coffee might very well be actually getting to drink it.  So, certainly some bonus points on the attractions for children.  It looked to me like they had an interesting menu, some vegan baked goods and an awesome record collection.  I intend to go back and try everything. I might even change my mind about vegan baked goods.  OK, probably not.  But,  I might very well start a fan club.

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