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Shameless Sister Adoration

My sister is fabulous.  And, I’m not just saying that because she’s my sister!  If you love great music, lyrics that remind you of  both your last bad date (Ever since the day that I first saw you, I couldn’t wait for you to leave me behind.) and falling in love at the same time (I’m going to buy a golden bird and teach it your name……) then don’t miss these Pittsburgh shows.

Even better, you can make a donation and download her recent CD that happens to have been mastered by LURCH.  So yeah, we keep it in the family, but we’re also willing to share.  Shows so special, I’m getting a babysitter—so meet me there :).

See you at the Shadow Lounge this Saturday!

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  1. Julia says

    Thanks for letting us know! I love your sister’s music whenever I hear it at the studio– and I met her at a yoga class last winter and can confirm that she is, in fact, fabulous! Jon and I are trying to get a sitter for that night. We haven’t been to a show in a looong time!

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