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Prenatal Yoga DVDs

Understandably, during pregnancy, the predictable becomes the unpredictable as your world and your place in it is constantly shifting.  You may find yourself wide awake at 3am and fast asleep by 4pm.  You may feel a strong desire to practice yoga at times when a local studio doesn’t offer a class.  Perhaps you have other children and responsibilities that make it difficult to get to a class as often as you like.  Whatever your reason for wanting to do yoga at home during pregnancy, here are some ideas for home practice with DVDs:

This practice DVD with Shiva Rea is my first choice for expectant moms who want to practice prenatal yoga at home.  Sure, you could complain about the cheesy music and the voice-over, but the ideas are lovely and the practice is appropriate for all levels.  I also like to recommend this DVD because I know that Yoga Matrika moms will be familiar with most of the exercises from our classes together and because it is very easy to obtain through the library, Netflix has it and can be purchased just about anywhere that DVDs are sold.

Price: $12.46 (NEW)

Here is a link to purchase on

This isn’t a prenatal yoga practice DVD, but I think that this is a quality home workout program for expectant moms that want to stay fit and need the inspiration and guidance of a DVD.  Staying fit during pregnancy is important and  this is enjoyable, appropriately challenging and a great complement to a more restorative home yoga practice. It seems to me that toddlers and preschoolers might have fun doing this workout with mom, so this may be an ideal home exercise video for expectant moms who have other children in the house.  You can all exercise together!

Price: $12.99 (NEW)

Here is a link to purchase on

Gurmukh is so beautiful, radiant and joyful, that I recommend this DVD to all pregnant women.  The practice is different from what we normally do at Yoga Matrika, but Gurmukh explains all of the exercises very clearly.  The set for the DVD is actually beautiful and there are some wonderful and fun options for dancing and meditation on this DVD that make it unique from other options.  Gurmukh’s language is empowering and this is a significant practice that will have a profound impact on your experience of pregnancy and birth.  This is not a Vinyasa flow or traditional Hatha practice–it is Kundalini yoga, so moms who practice at Yoga Matrika will probably need to adjust their expectations.  But, it is worth the learning curve as you will FEEL the benefits of this practice immediately.  I also recommend Gurmukh’s book for pregnancy and have provided a link below.

Price: $17.00 (NEW)

Here is a link to purchase on

Here is a link to information on Gurmukh’s book.

Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, Owner and Director of Prenatal and Postnatal programs and teacher training at Yoga Matrika in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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