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All this great sun and the first little peek at some bulbs starting to rise from the earth here in Pittsburgh makes me think that it is time to refresh the elemental qualities of earth and air in my own body ecology.  While I am sure that I have a significant bias, I’d like to offer what I think is both an economical plan and one that will offer wellness benefits for anyone who participates—-

Treat yourself to great yoga and meditation in Pittsburgh!

You can purchase a 10-class card for $100 at Yoga Matrika and take advantage of a wide range of classes from Body & Mind (meditation and pranayama) to Honey Flow (combination of yin stretches for connective tissue and yang vinyasa flow) to more strength and flexibility focused classes like Yoga 2/3 and Matrika Flow.  Take 10-classes over these first 3-months of spring and you will help your body adjust to the change in seasons and look your best in your spring and summer little things (uhmmm—you can’t hide your big butt under that coat forever!).  Pittsburgh–this is guaranteed to be the best $100 you’ve ever spent.

When you invest in a yoga and meditation program, you will learn skills that you can use every single day to prevent and release stress.  Basically, you are making an investment in happiness, joy and feeling your best.  Since yoga and meditation can be practiced anywhere and everywhere, this is the ultimate in portable exercise and wellness programs.  Take your yoga to the beach or lake this summer, to your hikes in the woods.  Use yoga to strengthen the muscles you use for your favorite outdoor sports like tennis and golf.  Whatever activities you enjoy, you’ll be able to do them with greater ease and focus if you add a yoga practice to your wellness repertoire.

Yoga Matrika offers such a wide range of classes in different styles and levels, that there truly is a practice available for everyone.  You may think that you aren’t a “yoga type,”  but I bet you are!  Yoga Matrika is a very comfortable and non-competitive neighborhood studio.  In a yoga class, you will stretch from head to toe, take your spine in twists and from side to side and build strength in your legs, core and arms.  The physical exercises are called asana or “poses” and while they may be unfamiliar to beginners, they are all very natural movements for the body.  As a matter of fact, if you watch a 6-month old move around on the floor, you will see them do lots of these poses!  So, the yoga is a part of your body’s history and it is just a matter of remembering more than it is learning something completely new.

I invite you to spring clean your body and mind at Yoga Matrika!  http://www.matrikawellnesscenter.com

While you are at it, call Cara for an appointment for your $40 introductory 1-hour massage or Greg for your $75 1-hour introductory Thai Yoga Massage or $40 introductory 1-hour Shiatsu massage.  DELICIOUS!

See you soon at the Mat!
Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, Director and Owner of Yoga Matrika and the Matrika Wellness Center in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  For yoga studio information: https://www.yogamatrika.com/.  For wellness center programs: http://www.matrikawellnesscenter.com.  For workshops and series: http://www.advancedyogapittsburgh.com.

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