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Snow Daze Yoga


This storm has brought tremendous strain, including financial strain, emotional strain and physical injuries to many adults, children, families and animals in our area.  There has been loss of life.

Please remain mindful when driving, be generous with one another and support your local small businesses as much as possible.  Be especially kind to the elderly and to young families who have been forced to find alternative childcare arrangements, lose work hours and spend way too much time with young children in confined spaces.

Stay safe and use any frustration or fears that you have as a direct connection to all living things that might be having these challenges.  We are all connected and these challenges are neither unique or permanent.

Yoga isn’t just what you do on your mat, it is also a way of living that calls on us to  honor our deep connection to all living things.   This snow will melt, but if we can use this opportunity to connect with humanity and offer generosity and care whenever possible, then the positive impact of this storm will last infinitely.

Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk
Owner and Director of Yoga Matrika, an intimate, community-based yoga studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylania.

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