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I am a teacher, artist, and cultivator of restorative pollinator gardens in the majestic mountains of Central Vermont. I look forward to meeting you and welcome you to my creative learning community.


This winter season Yoga Matrika is offering some of the best workshops we’ve had yet—creative, inspiring, therapeutic—you name it, we’ve got a workshop on it! 

Some, like Elsie Escobar’s YO GEEK are designed for people who may have never done yoga before and (GASP–could it be TRUE?) may have no interest in doing yoga, but who suffer from repetitive strain injury, lower back pain from sitting in a chair, and who have eyes strained and exhausted from hours of computer work. 

Others, like Linda Meacci’s WILD THING practice are designed to get your blood pumping as you are lead through the wild ride of a sweaty Vinyasa flow class to a slick soundtrack.  Work off the holiday feasts and festivities and start 2010 with great enthusiasm!

Dana Killmeyer, local author and yogini extraordinaire,  is offering a Movement and Memoir workshop for all of you yogis that like to move AND write. 

Even more unique are the embodied anatomy workshops with Mark Taylor that will connect you with the energies of your kidneys (the organ associated with winter in Chinese energy medicine theory) and ways to connect and use your core to expand your yoga practice and your life. 

So whether you love yoga or you aren’t quite so sure, we’ve got a workshop for you!  At $20 to $30, these are economic little treats to liven up what sometimes seems to be an infinite number of icy and gray days.  If you don’t know if yoga is for you or would like a complete introduction, don’t miss out on the sweet and vivacious Anna Gilbert who is facilitating a 4-week introductory series that starts on January 8, 2010. 

Posted with warm wishes for an amazing 2010 by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, owner and director of Yoga Matrika in the Point Breeze neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217.  Dedicated to great yoga in Pittsburgh! https://www.yogamatrika.com/

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