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FABULOUS Yoga Workshops in Pittsburgh

Honestly, I am just delighted, amazed, honored and excited to host these fabulous workshop and special series facilitators—-certainly some of the BEST that Pittsburgh has to offer for yoga, movement and being creative, spiritual and juicy delicious!  Some of these workshops are happening SOON—don’t miss a chance to pre-register and save $$$ and guarantee your space is saved.

SEASON of LIGHT, BODY of PEACE xmas-groovy-bird

Click Here: Video of Elsie about Workshop

Facilitated by Elsie Escobar
Sunday, December 6 from 12:30-2:30 pm
$25 pre-registration/$35 at the door (space allowing)

Set an intention for the holiday season and the approaching New Year and learn some techniques for setting priorities and making time for the beauty and grace available to us during this special time of year.  This is a great way to start a stress free holiday season!



thumbnailMeditation Session with Bhante Pemaratana

Monday, December 7, 2009
 7:30-8:45 pm
Location: PEACE ROOM (use side door to YOGA MATRIKA)
Cost: by donation  (suggested $5 per session)

Everyone is welcome.  No experience with meditation required. Bhante Pema will lead the group through a guided meditation session and then will answer any questions that you may have about meditation.

No pre-registration.  Just arrive about 10-minutes early to get settled.



xmas-groovy-bird1Sharon’s Birthday & Holiday Celebration
Friday, December 18, 2009

Class: 6:00 to 7:15 pm (doors open at 5:30 so you find a good spot!)
Party: 7:30 until the cake is all gone!


Donation class and community celebration of the most excellent instructors at Yoga Matrika.
All donations will be distributed to the entire team of instructors at Yoga Matrika as a holiday bonus!
The class is open to all yogis age 12 and up and the party is open to EVERYONE—bring the babes, babies and the whole family! I need all the help I can get to blow out all these candles!



orange-lotus-ladyBeginner’s Series
Absolute Beginner’s Series with Anna Gilbert

Fridays from 6:00 to 7:15pm
January 8, 15, 22, 29
$40 for series of 4-classes

This series is for adults who have either never done yoga before or took one or two classes long enough ago that you can’t really quite remember if you actually took those classes or just imagined it!  Anna will provide an overview of what you can expect in a yoga class from the terms that are used, breathing patterns, physical postures and movements to ways to dress comfortably for class and common studio etiquette.  Instructions will be basic, clear and organized in a way that you can build confidence through the series.  After you ”graduate” you’ll be confident and ready to drop-in on any class at Yoga Matrika or any other studio and enjoy your class!





A Wild Practice to Chase Winter Blahs Away!

Facilitated by Linda Meacci, RYT
January 9, 2010  from 2:00 to 3:30 pm  $20 pre-register/$25 door
March 27, 2010  from 2:00 to 3:30 pm  $20 pre-register/$25 door

“Wild thing, you make my heart sing”: Amp up your practice with a soulful journey into the heart.  Unleash your “wild” side with a cathartic, dynamic practice set to music.  Change up the velocity and rhythm.  Release endorphins.  Renew the SPIRIT and GROOVE on your mat!  This practice is recommended for students who have a minimum of 6-months of experience taking flow-style yoga classes or newer students with an athletic sense of adventure.  We’re offering this fabulous class twice in the winter schedule so you can experiment with the wild side of your practice in January and prepare to let loose for spring in March.


Wild Thing Classes



 brain-with-treeYO GEEK!: Yoga for Cubicle Slaves and the Computer Weary

Facilitated by Elsie Escobar, Anusara Inspired Instructor
Sunday, January 10, 2010 from 12:30 to 2:30 pm
$25 pre-registration/$35 at the door (space allowing)

Sitting in front of your computer a tiny bit too long?  Neck sore, eyes strained, hips tight, lower back achy, and stressed out?  How about learning some:
tools you can apply anytime and anywhere to help your body and mind feel so much better!  No prior knowledge of yoga required.  Welcome the new year by learning ways to take care of yourself!




AGES 2-6 with ADULT

Join your delightful instructor, Cathie Sunderman in this age-appropriate introduction to yoga including creative movment, breathing and relaxation.  Cathie weaves story telling, music and movement into thematic classes for young children that provide a joyful and fun introduction to yoga.  While this is not a Baby and Me class (yoga for adults that children are welcome to attend), adults are asked to participate with their child and facilitate the experience for their little one.  We find that, while not a yoga class for adults, most of the parents and guardians that attend have a wonderful time!  There is an emphasis on learning tools for easing stress and anxiety and finding happiness through movement and being mindful.  Children love acting out the movements of beloved animals and using their imagination to create mood and move with grace, strength and joy. 

These classes run in SIX WEEK SERIES and NO DROP IN STUDENTS ARE PERMITTED.  You must pre-register and pre-pay for the entire series.  Due to the nature of these classes, space is limited to ten children.  One missed class per series may be made up as an adult drop-in class that can be taken before the series concludes.  Absolutely no payments are accepted at the studio.  Each series is $60 for one adult and one child or $90 for one adult and two children.   Early bird pricing ($50 for one adult/one child and $80 for one adult/two children) applies to Series I registration BEFORE DECEMBER 20th and Series II registration BEFORE JANUARY 20th.

SERIES I: January 12, 19, 26, February 2, 9, 16  ($60 one child/$90 two children)
SERIES II: February 23, March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30   ($60 one child/$90 two children)

Preschool Registration





retro-asian-tree-turquoiseTending the Root of Life: The Fluid Dynamics of the Kidneys 
Facilitated by Mark C. Taylor

Sunday, January 17, 2010
1:00 to 3:00 pm
$30 pre-register/$40 at the door

Your kidney is called the “Root of Life” in Chinese anatomy, and is regarded as the body’s most important reservoir of essential energy.  In addition to the functions of fluid filtration and metabolic balance, your kidneys control the growth and development of your bones and nourish the marrow, which is your body’s source of red and white blood cells.  Impaired kidney function and deficient kidney energy are prime causes of low energy (anemia) and immune deficiency as well as poor memory, inability to think clearly, and backache.  In Tending the Root of Life you will embody ease in your kidneys through meditation, breath exercises, movement, and asana practice, enhancing and supporting their positive attributes: wisdom, rationality, clear perception, gentleness, and self-understanding.




globe-on-backMovement & Memoir
Facilitated by Dana Killmeyer
January 30, 2010

2:00 to 4:30 pm
$25 pre-registration, $35 at the door (space allowing)

Movement and Memoir is a hybrid class blending elements of yoga and somatics with creative expression, primarily autobiographical writing or journaling.  We will focus on observing our environments, both internal and external, as a catalyst for releasing tension and broadening our awareness.  Finding inspiration in our senses and perceptions, anatomy, literature, performance, music, art, meditation,and social critique, we will explore various aspects of observation and expression, stillness and animation.  Expect a gentler, more introspective yoga practice with an emphasis on breathing, as well as wrists, shoulders, and lower back–areas that tend to get overused and neglected after long periods of sitting.  Please bring a notebook and an open mind.

Dana Killmeyer is a Pittsburgh-native and University of Pittsburgh graduate.  She has written two books: Paradise, or the Part that Dies and Pendulums of Euphoria, both published by Six Gallery Press.  Currently pursuing training as a yoga teacher with Joanne VandenHengel (3rd Street Yoga) and as a Somatic Movement Educator with Mark Taylor (BodyMindMovement), Dana draws from a well of experience as a teacher, researcher, writer, and organic farm apprentice. 




Facilitated by Elsie Escobar
Sunday, January 31st from 12:30 to 2:30 pm
$25 pre-registration/$35 at the door (space allowing)

Have you been suffering from shoulder, neck, jaw, elbow or wrist pain?  Come learn how to get out of pain through the Anusara™ Principles of Alignment™, an elegant system based on the biomechanics of the body.  Get ready to uncover the possibilities to feel GOOD!  No prior knowledge of yoga is required.





Friday night, February 5, 2010
6:00 to 8:00pm, BY DONATION

PARTY after class! 

What better way to celebrate life than to give the best of ourselves to the community?  An up-tempo and mixed-level class taguth by Elsie Escobar—-full of ENERGY and FUN to raise money for a local Pittsburgh charity!  Plus, share some birthday cake with Elsie after class. 




3827978_thumbnailLOVE YOGA

Facilitated by Elsie Escobar
Friday night, February 12, 2010
6:00 to 8:00 pm
$25 pre-register or $35 at the door (space allowing)

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we receive a lot of messages about expressing love through exchanging gifts, sweets and flowers to our romantic loves.  This approach to matters of the heart put pressure on those in relationships to express love through material gifts and those who are not in relationships to feel lonely.  We advise a NEW approach to Valentine’s Day where we honor the energy of our hearts through a delicious workshop with a focus on heart openers and back-bending—YUMMY!  Join Elsie for some Love Yoga  and experience the bliss, joy and contentment of your heart center.





A Workshop for Women
Facilitated by Linda Meacci, RYT

February 20, 2010
2:00 to 4:00 pm
$25 in advance/$35 at the door

Does a fog of unworthiness shroud your spirit?  Does courage elude you when the going gets tough?  Do you see life as a timeline that is full of obligations and pressures? Do you struggle to be fully present in this moment? 

This workshop, designed just for women, will guide you to:
*  Learn safe ways to build overall body strength
*  Integrate the dance of stability and freedom
*  Channel emotional energy in healthy ways
*  Increase self-confidence
*  Tap into your creative source
*  Appreciate the circular nature of life experiences on and off the mat

This well-balanced practice will blend the yin and the yang–flexibility and strength.  Proper alignment will be emphasized in strength poses such as Caturanga-Dandasana (half plank), and Vasisthasana (side plank) and also in flexibility poses such as Setu-Bandhasana (bridge) and Urdhva-Dhanarasana (wheel).  We will move through sun salutes and warrior postures with stira (steadiness) and sukham (ease).  Backbends will be explored with a focus on stability.  Hip openers will coax the emotional body to release.  We will quiet ourselves with a restorative Savasana.  Find what supports YOUR practice and frees your spirit.  Step into courage.  Bring what you discover into all circles of Life.



 DETOX & RENEW w/Linda Meacci, RYT

March 6, 2010 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm
$25 pre-register/$35 at the door (space allowing)

Balancing out body, mind and spirit through the seasons is an important step in maintaining homeostasis.  In this modern age of twitter, texting, blackberrys and IPhones, it is often forgotten that human beings reflect cycles of nature.  As we move from winter, a time of conservation, rest, storage and reflection, and into early spring, a time to shed and renew, the spirit begins to lift and fly again.  Springtime is a season to detox and rejuvenate!

In Chinese medicine, winter works with the balancing energy in the kidneys, bladder, adrenals, ears and bones.  In the springtime, the attention shifts to liver, gallbladder, nervous system, ligaments, tendons and eyes.  The movement continues season to season with the intention of finding homeostasis, or balance.  Yoga is one tool to aid in this cyclical process.

In this workshop, we will first unwind and then invigorate our practice by:
*  tuning into the eyes–the sense organs of springtime
*  mobilizing our skeletal and muscular structure with fluid slow movements
*  stabilizing and moving into Sun Salutes and Warrior postures
*  vigorously twisting in lying, seated and standing postures
*  toning the kidneys with backbends and the liver with forward bends
*  opening the hips to encourage movement of the emotional body
*  practicing long holds in inversions (such as sarvangasana) to facilitate drainage of the lymphatic system.

Our practice will come full-circle and close with a restorative savasana.  Join us for this rejuvenating practice!




Calming the Core: Finding the Space Between
Facilitated by Mark C. Taylor

Sunday, March 14, 2010
1:00 to 3:00 pm
$30 pre-register/$40 at the door

Many of us carry excess tension in our backs or in our frontal organs as a result of inefficient weight flow through the torso.  In Calming the Core you will embody your quiet central spine as a way to allow your core to expand, allowing space for a joyful heart, easy breath, and an unencumbered digestive tract.  As your core releases you will find a more intimate relationshiop with the earth, greater access to sensory awareness, and increased pleasure of movement through your body.  You will strategize ways to sustain an expansive core in your personal practice and in daily life.


Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, Owner and Director of Yoga Matrika located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15217.


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