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Mindful Focus of the Week

Last week, the focus for Mindful Yoga was “the organs.”  We learned to support asana using the internal structures of the body and acknowledge our organs for all that they do. 

This week, our focus is the sacral center (2nd Chakra).  I always pick a focus based on what I am working on in my personal practice and recently, for the first time in years, I managed to aggravate my sciatic nerve.  It’s hard to say how I did it—-Demonstrating a reverse triangle when I wasn’t warmed up?  Carrying a heavy messenger bag on one shoulder?  Sitting with my legs crossed for too long?  Good news is that it doesn’t matter how it happened, only that it’s over now and the experience provided inspiration to give some juicy love to the sacrum this week.

The sacral area is associated with creativity and when we create and acknowledge sensation here we are filled with optimism, passion and direction.  Life is vibrant!

If you can’t make it to Mindful Flow on Tuesday night at Yoga Matrika in Pittsburgh, then here is a little exercise that will take less than 10-minutes that you can do anywhwere to change your energy and open up to a little creative juice:

On the floor with your legs crossed OR on the edge of a chair.

Take at least 10 deep breaths so that the in-breath takes a minimum of 4-counts and the out-breath is released to an equal count.  It may take a few minutes to slow the breath down and open to this depth.  Take as much time as you need.

For one minute, start to take your upper body in circles over your hips.  Keep circling in the same direction for the entire minute, inhaling as you circle forward and exhaling as you circle back.  The breath should be relaxed and the movement should be at a speed that allows you to take full deep breaths.

After a minute, change directions and take your upper body in circles over your hips in the opposite direction.  Breathing in as you circle forward and exhaling as you round back. 

For five minutes, lie down on the floor with your hips propped up on a folded blanket or pillow.  If this causes any pain in your lower back, then bend through your knees and place your feet flat on the floor.  Breathing in, feel your belly rise towards the ceiling.  Exhaling, feel your belly release towards your spine. 


Slowly sit up and move on to the next wonderful thing with a little more spring in your step, oxygen in your blood and a juiced up pelvis—-Vroom! Vroom! 

Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk
Owner and Director of Yoga Matrika

This great idea is inspired by Gurmukh’s wonderful book, “The Eight Human Talents” published in 2000 by Harper Collins.  Highly recommended!

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