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I have an ongoing dialogue with another yoga teacher around the fact that I am always so busy and overwhelmed with work that includes her questioning when it is that I have “fun.”  Depending on my mood, I either sulk away from the conversation wondering, “Yeah, when exactly is it that I’M GOING TO HAVE FUN?”  or I contemplate why it is that she can’t see how much fun I’m having ALL THE TIME.

It’s hard to reconcile sometimes, but I think that the answer, as usual, lies in my yoga.  The more I teach and practice yoga, the easier it is for me to write, process information and feel calm under stress at school.  The more calm I can remain at school, the easier it is for me to relax when I spend time with my son and get down there on the floor with him and imagine and build.  The more time I spend playing with my son, the more I realise how magical the whole thing is—-people, our life experience, every moment of the day!  In essence, the more I have to do, as long as I am always doing some yoga each and every day, then there is fun in it all.

I also feel like I may define “fun” in a radically different way from most people.  For example, I just started knitting something for a friend who had a baby recently.  Picking the pattern, going to get supplies, and starting these projects.  Well, I’m in heaven!  I love the process and the whole time I’m thinking about my friends that I love and how happy I am for them and looking forward to meeting this new baby.  It’s just a meditation on wonderful from start to finish.  Another example is that the times when I feel most grounded are when I’m in a library.  There’s something so soothing about the fact that I am surrounded by thoughts and ideas that have been recorded on paper and the books seem to vibrate heavy.  It’s quiet in the library and I love to read and think and write.  The fact that I spend a considerable amount of time in libraries these days is a great source of joy for me and one that resonates with me in a physical, spiritual and emotional way. 

Then, there is the yoga.  If you’ve never done yoga before, then perhaps all you think about is that you can’t touch your toes or that you aren’t very flexible or that you like to be more active or that you are a big strong person who doesn’t need wimpy stuff like that———and there is no way for me to use words to convince you that yoga is bliss.  My yoga practice brings me more than fun, it brings me here and I feel 10-pounds lighter and I love everyone and I feel taller, stronger and WONDERFUL. 

I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I am the most lucky person on earth—-to have work that grounds me in ideas and in my body and provides me with an outlet for my cerebral and spiritual energies while engaging with such wonderful, creative and intelligent people.  So the real answer to the question, “When do you have fun?”  is a resounding—RIGHT NOW!

Join me at Yoga Matrika in Pittsburgh, and experience yourself as lighter, taller and full of bliss!

Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk
Owner, Yoga Matrika

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