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You have to start somewhere………..

Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn more about yoga, try yoga or just find out what it is that everyone is so excited about?  Or, maybe, you’ve been going to group classes for a couple of weeks, months, years and you don’t know the difference between a trikonasana or a paschimattanasana and you are sure that if there was such a thing as a Chatta-Wrong-A that you are definitely doing it? 

Regardless of your motivation, we have a great yoga series being offered by Anna Gilbert in January! 

Beginner’s Series
Absolute Beginner’s Series with Anna Gilbert

Fridays from 6:00 to 7:15pm
January 8, 15, 22, 29
$40 for series of 4-classes

This series is for adults who have either never done yoga before or took one or two classes long enough ago that you can’t really quite remember if you actually took those classes or just imagined it!  Anna will provide an overview of what you can expect in a yoga class from the terms that are used, breathing patterns, physical postures and movements to ways to dress comfortably for class and common studio etiquette.  Instructions will be basic, clear and organized in a way that you can build confidence through the series.  After you “graduate” you’ll be confident and ready to drop-in on any class at Yoga Matrika or any other studio and enjoy your class!

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