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A Great Healing

About 2-weeks ago now, I went to the emergency room in some of the worst pain I have ever been in.  The back of my throat was blistered and I had a deep pain in my upper chest.  For three-nights I had been up with this terrible pain that did not respond to Ibuprofen or any of the over the counter treatments I had to try.  In the emergency room, I was told that I had acid reflux and was given some very powerful medications—-including one that has irreversable neurological problems as one of the common side effects.

I had a suspicion that I actually had a viral infection and made an appointment with acupuncturist Melissa Sokulski at the Birch Center.  In addition to the viral infection, I suspected that recent headaches and some of my complaints were related to stress and grief.  I had responded well to acupuncture before, so I had high hopes for this treatment and my recovery.

To my absolute amazement, the morning following my treatment, the blisters in the back of my throat were almost completely gone and I had a good sleep.  There was obviously a profound shift in my health and well being.  The Birch Center is a very comfortable and warm place and does not feel clinical.  Melissa provided a unique treatment that was adapted during the treatment based on my response and changes in pulse.  There was a great kindness in the entire experience and I highly recommend the Birch Center both for the sweet environment and the obvious technical skill of Melissa Sokulski.

I have a great admiration for healers in all forms—-biomedical doctors, acupuncturists, therapists of body and mind, shamans, nurses—all kinds.  There is a certain kind of release that happens when we get the sense that we are in good hands and this peace and trust opens the gate to the healing experience.  Part of our yoga practice is being present with both the energetic and the physical body.  Disturbances in the energetic body manifest themselves as dis-ease in the physical body and we should actively use our intuition to seek out healing from people that we relate to with a sense of peace.

Pittsburgh is home to many types of healers and we can open to the experience of being healed when we remain open to our intuition and seek healing experieces that are in alignment with our personal truth.  While not every healer is the best healer for every person or every problem, I can honestly make this referral to the Birch Center for anyone seeking acupuncture or other alternative treatments.  It’s also great to get on the Birch Center newsletter list! The last newsletter had some great information on acupuncture and alternative treatments for H1N1 and for recovery from the flu.  

Melissa and David Sokulski, Licensed Acupuncturists
The Birch Center for Health, LLC
1931 East Carson Street, 2nd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 381-0116 ~ Wild Edible Plants

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