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Do you know about Peaceburgh?  As defined on its homepage, it is “A site for networking and celebrating wholeness, oneness and peace in Pittsburgh and around the globe. Hosted by Sven Hosford.”  If you are interested, check it out here:

I mention this site now because it includes information on many peaceful ways to support world leaders participating in the G-20 (and those who aren’t) in committing their power and determination to find solutions to some of the considerable challenges facing so many humans that our humanity seems to be at stake.  If you are interesting in joining groups of individuals in Pittsburgh who are committed to peace and globalized compassion—then check it out!

There is a Chinese proverb that roughly translates to: If you are patient in a moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.  During the G-20, I recommend that Pittsburgh take this proverb as an inspiration for mindful respsonse to any frustrations, delays or challenges that may occur.  As the world comes to us, we are reminded that we are part of a whole.  It is our responsibility to give space and respect to those individuals who have dedicated their lives to public service.  We may not agree with them, but I think that we can all agree that there’s nothing easy about leadership.  I don’t even like to agree to be in charge of a bake sale at my son’s school—–never mind being responsible for two wars, the economy, national healthcare reform, and making sure that my every action is a representation of the millions of people that call me President. 

This week, as Pittsburgh hosts the G-20, our yoga in Pittsburgh is patience, compassion and a certain amount of dreaming.  I dream of what would happen if these leaders were inspired to be creative about issues related to quality of life for citizens of the world.  Pittsburgh has historically been a place where great people have done great things—the Fricks, the Mellons, the Carnegies.  It has also been and continues to be a place where thousands upon thousands of creative artists, hard working people, gifted teachers, compassionate doctors and midwives and medical professionals, yogis, landscape artists, restoration specialists, carpenters———take pride in their work, their families and their neighborhoods and make Pittsburgh such a special place to be.  The G-20 is not being hosted here by accident!

Let us practice our G-20 yoga Pittsburgh!  Believe in the power of Pittsburgh and act to support leaders in making decisions based on strength of the commitments they have already made to dedicate their lives to public service.  Inspire leaders through peace and send light to the world from our little city that has given so much innovation, hope and opportunity to the world already.

Posted by Sharon Rudyk
Owner & Director, Yoga Matrika

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