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Early Bird Yoga

Pittsburgh is not a sleeping in kind of city.  In honor of all those who are juggling family and jobs, commitments that make evening yoga impossible and those who just like to see the sun rise, Yoga Matrika is now offering—–Early Bird Yoga with Apple Knisley! 

Every Thursday at 5:45 am you can drop-in for this delicious hour of yoga that will inspire you to greet the day with stretching the body open, taking deep breaths and finding a moment of peace in which to set your intention for the day ahead.  As we imagine that you might need some incentive to get out of bed this early on a regular basis, we have requested that you pre-register for series of 4-Early Bird classes in a row.  It’s $50 for 4-Early Bird Classes and you can purchase your Early Bird Class Card Here:

Let’s say you are just curious about Early Bird Yoga or maybe you just find yourself wandering about at 5:00am and not able to get back to sleep start thinking about what you might be able to do this early in the morning.  Have no fear!  You are welcome to just drop-in on an Early Bird class.  The fees to drop-in are $15 for one class or current students are welcome to use their class cards.

Come join Apple to meet the sun—Matrika style!

Posted by Sharon Rudyk
Owner & Director, Yoga Matrika in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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