Intuitive Health: Yoga for your Spirit

Kari Samuels will be leading a series of workshops titled Intuitive Health at Yoga Matrika in October and November.

Intuitive Health: Balancing your Body, Mind and Spirit

We are all born with an intuitive awareness that guides us, protects us, and helps us make purposeful decisions.  Through subtle messages from our body and our circumstances, our inner guidance communicates with us, leaading us towards our natural state of joy, vitality, and self-esteem.  This fun, interactive class offers tools for transforming your life form the inside out.  You will learn how to increase your positive energy, reclaim your power, and start living the prosperous healthy life you deserve.

October 21: Listening to your Body’s Wisdom
Every day you are receiving messages from your body that guide you towards your personal truth.  In this workshop, you will learn now to listen to those subtle messages, so you can make empowering choices for your body and your life.

October 28: Mapping Your Inner Landscape
In this dynamic interactive class, you will explore your sacred architecture–the seven major energy centers of the body (chakras) and the human energy field, otherwise known as the aura.  We will explore the many ways that your body reveals your personal blueprint, and ways you can create lasting change in your life through balancing your energy.

November 4: Positive Energy
Our outer world is a reflection of our internal reality.  When we learn how to heal our fears and limitations, we can create more peaceful harmonious circumstances.  This class offers practical techniques towards growth, healing and love.  Practiced daily, these techniques will result in more joy, vitality, passion, and purpose.

November 11: The Energy of Relationships
We can attract and maintain healthy relationships when we understand the energy dynamics that transpire between ourselves and others.   Through meditation and exercises, you will learn how to protect yourself against energy drains, create healthy boundaries, and live more compassionately towards yourself and others.

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Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk
Owner and Director of Yoga Matrika in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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