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August Sound Yoga

Last night, as I listened to the sounds of insects singing outside my open August window, I exclaimed my profound love for the night sounds of this month in Pittsburgh.  I have been reading a lot about sound yoga and thinking about ways to include sound and chanting in my practice and teaching on a more regular basis.  Listening to these beautiful night sounds that are so very unique to the end of summer, I felt a sensation of hope wash across my forehead and through my throat and heart. 

Please join me in an exercise in sound yoga!

At some point in your day or night, make a commitment to taking 15-minutes to soften your ears into your environment and experience sound vibration.  See where the sound vibrates the most and notice the quality of your breath as you listen.  Soften your jaw and relax the muscles and bones of your face.  Without judgement, let the sounds enter you.  Listen without hearing and hear without listening.  Notice if you start to build attachment to any particular sound or aversion to another and see if you can return to an open experience of sound without judgement.

Be a vessel for the end of summer vibrations.


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